Government Oversite

The Agenda for the meeting is as follows: 8:30am- public comments, review and approve previous minutes,commissioner report on non- public minutes and regarding sealed date. 8:45- I.T. committee makes recommendation to the Commissioners regarding IT contract. 9:00am- Sandi McKenzie- nursing home administrator, reports on the operations of Mountain View Community (nursing home) 9:15am Bob Murray- reports on the Mountain View Community, building maintenance, fire drills. 9:30am- The Garden Committee gives recommendations to the Commission of which landscaping company will provide services to MVC. (see subcommittee video- MVC from 4/2/12 to watch interviews of bidders) 9:45am- Will DeWitte, Administrator of the County Farm, gives report. Jason Johnson, Superintendent of the Jail. 10:00am- Robin Reade, of Human Resources, gives department report.