Government Oversite

Welcome to the Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting from 9/5/12. Public Comments: David Babson, minutes-00:10, Steve Brown, fitness trail, missing settlement file - 03:53, Rubin Eislee, Wakefield resident, Nursing Home - 09:27, previous nursing home employee- 13:56, Steve Brown- Budget history graph- 18:08, David Sorensen, someone isn't listening- 20:19, David Babson-long process time for accused, jail- 20:50, Meeting minutes- 20:50, Janice Sullivan- New HR, Perry investigation 31:07, Asha Kenney- Settlement, missing file- 37:10, Giving settlements away- 38:40, Howard Chandler- interim MVC administrator- 47:00, Asha Kenney- 53,000.00 Cybertron fake bill- 1:23:58. 501c 3 committee, non profit filing fee- 1:31:34, Steve Brown- Nursing Home Wireless costs/ Sheriff dispatch move- 1:32:51, Asha Kenney accuses David Sorensen spent 16,000.00 for NH Association of Counties convention- 1:35:10, David Babson, don't ask me- 1:36:45, Asha Kenney, taxpayers are asking- How much is David Sorensen paid- 1:37:46, Asha Kenney- you have no authority over me- 1:39:48,