Government Oversite

Welcome to the Carroll County Commissioners meeting from 9/12/12. Public Comments- 00:05, Missing Settlement File, where did it go?- 01:04, Who has concern about trail cost? 00:37, Minutes- 07:00, Dean Perry investigation non public minutes- 07:30, MDS coordinator position- 09:59, Commissioner Reports: Asha Kenney: 26:39, Public Comment: David Babson, Jail phone system: 28:40, Commissioner Report, NH association of Counties, Asha Kenney: 30:55, John Rich, Cybertron- latest allegations- 34:20, NH Association of Counties executive committee appointments: 1:07:21, Vote to advertise for MDS coordinator/ auditor- 1:08:40, Interim MVC Administrator update- 1:10:05, Rob Horas, MVC who gets free meals? - 1:10:05, Meeting Rules,"I have a gavel" David Sorensen- 1:26:22, It's disgusting and embarrassing- 1:28:00, David Babson, suggestion/ public Comment/ questions- 1:29:48, Daymond Steer, nursing home administrator- 1:31:10, Jason Johnson, Jail Superintendent- 1:33:25, Non public/ public voting?- 1:46:40, Steve Brown, trail cost to taxpayers?- 1:51:39, Maureen Spencer, trail cost/ Contributions- 1:54:29, Dorothy Solomen- "Go to the Spagetti shed"- 1:57:30,