Government Oversite

Welcome to the Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting from 9/19/12. public comment: Kathleen Maloney- mileage for day lilly's -00:06, John Rich, Cybertron, "I have answers for Commissioner Kenney"-01:20, No bids for Carpeting- 02:02, Dorothy Solomon, unsubstantiated Statement, Sept 5 minutes- 03:37, possible lawsuits due to miss statements- 05:00, Minutes from Sept 5th,12th- 07:10, Will Dewitt, County Farm- 14:35, Dorothy Solomon, Cooperative Extension meeting report- 21:14, David Babson- Comment on Cooperative Extension budget- 23:51, Interim MVC administrator, Howard Chandler- 24:55, Patient lift capital expense request- 30:01, David Sorensen, bidding process- 31:04, Jason Johnson, DOC, report- 42:41, DOC new vehicle- 44:28, Public Comment, Daymond Steer, Conway Daily Sun, grievance investigations- 53:57, David Babson, life safety issues at 24 million dollar Nursing Home?- 55:39, Steve Brown, used vehicles.-57:35, Budget history graph, Tax Increase?- 1:04:52, John Rich/ Asha Kenney- 1:09:47