Government Oversite

Welcome to the Carroll County Commissioners meeting from 12/5/12. 00:33 -Public Comments, David Babson, County fitness trail committee, 05:59 -Daymond Steer, Conway Daily Sun, Proposed Budget, 09:47 -David Babson, Minutes Corrections, 13:00 -Asha Kenney Corrections to minutes, 14:42 -County Attorney Salary Discussion, 15:52 -Parenting Piece By Piece Program, 17:13 -2012 County Commissioner of the year award, 19:25 -Will Dewitt, County Farm, Wood Processor, Pole Barn, 35:50 -Jason Johnson, County Jail Superintendent, Jail Report, Inmate grievance, perimeter fence, New Cameras, New Hope Program, 53:52 -Daymond Steer, Access to Prisoner Grievance, 55:51 -David Babson, Wall Repair Insurance Money, 1:01:29 -Melissa Seamans, Jail investigator, 01:02:09 -Howard Chandler, Mountain View Community, 1:17:38 -Non Public Legal Session, Personnel.