Government Oversite

Welcome to the Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting from 12/19/12. Steve Brown of Wakefield begins public comment accusing two of the commissioners of lying- 00:20. Previous minutes- 05:34, Will Dewitt, County Farm report, Truck sander motor failure, Wood processor failure, 4th quarter water testing, septic field switch malfunctions, Plow blade replacement- 14:34, Howard Chandler, Mountain View Community, skill training, bed subsides, reducing agency staff, expanded beauty shop services, admission delays, 20:23, Commissioners travel expense line exceeded- money transfer- 32:49, Commissioner Kenney, Comment on the purchase of 4 new servers (18,000.000) by IT department, 35:27 Janice Sullivan, HR, gives report on Kronos progress, Kronos is a time input system that was installed 2 years ago, Server failure, Email failure, personal reference guide, - 37:50, Commissioners Solomon bids farewell to Carroll County Government- 43:59, Commissioner Kenney, unsealed non public meeting minutes from 2009-2010, not sealed properly, 91a request- 46:14, Closing public comments.