Government Oversite

Welcome to the first Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting of 2013. The newly elected David Babson will fill the position Dorothy Solomon held as Vice chair, David Sorensen retains Chairmanship and Asha Kenney Clerk. The meeting begins with nominations to organize the board- 00:13, Daymond Steer of the Conway Daily Sun begins public comment with a question, grievance results, recording minutes during legal consultations- 02:36, review of previous meeting minutes- 06:18, Commissioner Sorensen comments on funding of the creation of the 501 (c) 3, friends of Mountain View, Insurance to cover collaps pole barn- 12:33, Recording Secretary, Nancy Desrosiers, explains her minute taking process- 16:00, how the department heads are appointed- 20:00, Melissa Seamans, of the Carroll County Independent comments on the non union policy and procedure manual- 26:35, David Babson questions why aren't inmates allowed to work in the Nursing Home and how habitual offenders are handled- 27:28, Chairmen Sorensen assigns department overview to specific commissioners- 34:33, David Sorensen lays down the rules when making accusations without documentation to back the claim up. Commissioner Kenney accuses the Chairman of a double standard- 36:00, David Babson comments about using more work sessions- 42:31, Daymond Steer questions why minutes during legal consultations will not be taken and how habitual offenders process will be changed- 44:19, Maureen Spencer, of Effingham, has a "Rather large concern." She is concerned about the public's perception of Commissioners Kenney's allegations that the money used to form the Friends of Mountain View 501c-3 was improperly handled, Asha Kenney responds, -46:31, Melissa Seamans inquires about a suggestion submitted by Janice Sullivan, Human Resource, to form a Capital improvement Committee for the County- 52:36, Daymond Steer wants clarification of what will happen if someone makes an accusations with out backing it up with documentation and what is the update on the Corrections Officers recently put on suspension- 53:30, Melissa Seamans asks for confirmation that a Sheriffs department of a different County is handling investigations into maters of the jail- 56:05, Daymond Steer inquires about the deputy that shot himself in his leg- 56:23, Maureen Spencer asks for an update on the telecommunications RFP for the jail- 56:40, David Babson discusses the Bean fund and related funds and how the money is invested and handled by the County Treasurer- 57:20. Commissioner Kenney wants to know how many funds exist and why Commissioner Sorensen doesn't know when he has been chairman for 12 years- 59:25