Government Oversite

Welcome to the Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting from 1/9/13. SHERIFF DOMENIC RICHARDI, visits the Commissioners- 00:22, Update on the Humvees the County has acquired- 03:54, Daymond Steer of the Conway Daily sun asks for clarification on a report that the registry of Deeds has a security problem- 07:28, Review of previous minutes- 08:14, Commissioner Sorensen gives a report on a recent Regional Appropriation subcommittee meeting- 11:40, Jason Johnson, Jail Superintendent, gives his report, Hope program, Ohio risk management, mental health crisis, Proposed Legislative Change of Corrections officer designation as peace officers, inmate work programs, - 13:17, Howard Chandler, Mountain View Community administrator, population report, admission policy, installing a flag pole, work study program with house of corrections, reduction of agency staffing, - 21:38, How many people work at the Nursing home- 32:15, County fitness trail committee- 34:50, David Sorensen, report of an email from Health and Human Services regarding Tri Cap financial situation 34:15, Will Dewitt, County farm superintendent gives report, snow removal, firewood processing, Tri county cap fuel assistance orders, wood processor mechanical failures, 4th quarter water meter readings, vehicle maintenance/ salt/ sand corrosion control, water treatment chemicals, pole barn replacement cost, timber processing, catch basin clean out schedule, separate water meter cost, using premixed salt and sand, new trusses for pole barn, - 40:11, ROBIN GORDON, County attorney gives report, New Hope program/ probation program, habitual offenders, secretary pay, 1:01:34 JOHN RICH, cybertron, I.T., report, component replacement process, workstations (computers on desks) replacements and updates, email server failure/ backup and replacement, new server at sheriffs department, how is old equipment handled, repurposing of old equipment, delegation room Wi Fi- 1:12:56 Commissioner Kenney, invoices for replacement servers, one server of three servers, inventory control, vender part warranty information- 01:26:09 Public comment, new sheriff department position?, Nursing home county admission list, IT inventory, safeguarding of computer data before hard drives are wiped, How items are listed on the meeting agenda, forming capital improvement program, 01:40:20