Government Oversite

Welcome to the Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting from 1/16/13. The County Commissioners meet every Wednesday, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee. 00:14 -public input, Daymond Steer Conway Daily Sun; 00:31 -Steve Brown Wakefield resident; donated funds to the County. 04:20 -Review of previous minutes. 08:27 -Jason Johnson County Jail Superintendent; population report; NIC National Institute of Corrections report review of lesson plans for trainers; Crisis intervention teams; 13:50 -Janice Sullivan Human Resource administrator; Reference Guide book (non union employee hand book; Kronos (time keeping system) update;
27:45 -Howard Chandler Mountain View Community (Senior County Homestead) administrator; population update; Delegation budget review; Staff newsletter; admission policy; overhead paging; outside agency hiring; per diem costs; tracking call out rate; performance audit;
55:43 -Public comments; Daymond steer work session question. 58:10 -Sheriff Dominic Richardi gives report; dispatch call report; 1:22:08 -Daymond Steer, Conway Daily Sun, Chief deputies assignments. 1:23:33 -Steve Brown, Wakefield Resident, delegation budgeting of Sheriff department. 1:25:35 -Ed Comeau,, Sheriff Department Constitutional Training. 1:27:05 -Commissioners work session; addition to employee hand book -taping of phone calls, wiretapping. 1:32:58 -Boiler Contract. 1:33:32 -Request by Commissioner David Babson to open up investigative reports on grievances; 1:38:47 -Commissioner Asha Kenney questions Commissioner Sorensen about a contract he signed with Attorney Schwartz to do grievance investigation. 1:46:35 -Discussion of hiring a county Administrator.