Government Oversite

Welcome to the Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting from 1/23/13. 00:11 Public input; Steve Brown; Daymond Steer, Conway Daily Sun. 02:21 Letter read into the record; request for adding police presence in all meetings. 05:29 Ed Comeau; point of information. 06:32 Unsealing of bids for annual report. 12:22 Announcement of the resignation of Lory Larochelle. 14:59 Jason Johnson Jail Superintendent report; Legislation to allow Transportation corrections officers arrest power; 23:00 Inmates working at the Nursing home. 24:18 Howard Chandler, Mountain View Community Administrator; process for using inmates within the nursing home; monthly coffee with commissioners and home residents; 36:48 Revised draft of admissions policy; iPads for helping patient communication. 46:18 Will Dewitt, Farm Superintendent; Little tractor radiator issue; propane regulator event;
50:11 Robin Gorden, County Attorney; volunteering to help file; 54:20 Carroll County Sheriff, Dominic Richardi; dispatch numbers; Highway safety grants causing report to show more calls; alarm responses, animal control; process of criminal death
1:02:40 Commissioners ask Sheriff to respond to letter of concern about Citizens attending meetings with their firearms. 1:05:22 Ed Comeau, from responds to firearms in meetings. 1:08:48 public discussion; Ed Comeau; are the nursing home residents able to watch commissioner meetings; 1:16:21 Commissioners work session; employee handbook;