Government Oversite

Welcome to the Carroll County Commissioners meeting from 1/30/13. This is the weekly meeting convened at the Ossipee NH County Administration Complex, 95 Water Village Rd. Begins with public comment. 02:00 Review of previous meeting minutes. 04:39 Bids for the printing of the annual report. 06:46 Jason Johnson, Jail Superintendent; population report; proposals for professional growth ranking; handling union employees rate of pay; Tracy Newlin- Corrections Union Rep; job turnover rates; 14:19 Offenders with Cognitive behavior issues; Cognitive behavior therapy sessions; inmate working program with Nursing Home. 16:00 recess 16:22 Tracy Newlin- step increases for union correction officers. 22:27 David Babson, increase in pay- professional growth. 24:55 Howard Chandler, Mountain View Community administrator; Resident population; new skilled staff; Subcommittee meeting discussion; staff raises/ LNA's; union contracts; 5 star rating; 31:25 David Babson, recycling program at MVC; Americore, fitness trail;
35:46 Review of Non public minutes. 36:02 Asha Kenney, posting annual report on the County website, reducing copies.
39:36 Melissa Seamans, Carroll County Independent; capital improvement committee, master plan for county;
43:46 Ed Comeau,; discussion of anonymous letter requesting police in meetings; annual report cost; adding it to website; reducing costs. 46:09 Melissa Seamans, Carroll County Independent; regarding anonymous letter; Sheriff's decision; Jim Hazzard, Ossipee Citizen; costs of police presence in meetings. 48:27 Release and approve non public meeting minutes. 49:27 Paul Young, Deputy Sheriff; highway safety grants (2); dispatch reports; Motor vehicle record checks; 53:28 Ed Comeau,; request to have a non public meeting about security; field brush outs; solar panel installations; 54:42 Commissioners work session; Commissioner Sorensen wish list: Wellness trail; timber marking; demolition of old cow building; recognition awards; farm day participation; dept. head evaluations; office supply purchasing; 1:03:23 David Babson wish list: release of grievance reports; 1:04:54 Asha Kenney, claim that illegal contracts were made with attorney; attorney conflict of interest? 1:09:16 Asha Kenney wish list: would like Janice Sullivan, human resource should be County spokes person. 1:12:57 review of employee handbook with Janice Sullivan human resource. 2:23:17 Robin Gordon, County Attorney, hiring of new assistant attorney.