Government Oversite

Welcome to the Carroll County Commissioners meeting from 2/6/13. 00:13 Daymond Steer, Conway Daily Sun; outcome of phone call to legal council. 01:38 James Hazzard, Ossipee resident. 02:22 County Attorney Robin Gordon introduces new assistant County Attorney, Brandon Gerrode. 04:07 Approval of previous minutes; December 5th non public from before election. 06:20 David Babson, Reports; recycling cans and bottles program at Nursing Home; Thursday fitness trail subcommittee; David Sorenson; announcement of meeting with the Rotary Club to assist in creating the County fitness trail. 10:53 Daymond Steer, nursing home admittance policy public participation; 14:00 Melissa Seamans, Carroll County Independent; provides list of people interested in helping with fitness trail; formation of committee; 18:00 Jason Johnson, Jail Superintendent; population report; contact visiting room tables; report on meeting of inmate work program in Nursing Home; announcing a non public meeting with Captain Fowler; 24:00 Will Dewitt, Farm administrator; Truck radiator repair; delivery truck repainting; smell of propane; Drinking water freeze plate; sale of hay; supply of mulch hay; inmates bagging firewood; David Babson, United States plowing day; Cooperative extension goat clinic class;
Removal of soil in garden areas around Mountain View Community; areas of crumbling asphalt; buying trailer truck of mulch; 45:22 Down one farm employee; 46:26 Sheriff Richardi, report on dispatched service calls; interest on accounts; Writ accounts; number 10 car (Steve Rose); vacant position; transportation of inmates for medical service; 57:55 Sheriff comments on County Corrections arrest power legislation; "scary part is that they wil not get police standards training"; returning 2nd Humvee to the Federal Government; 1:01:55 Inventory of Sheriff department; Computer hard drive wiped clean; 1:06:21 Howard Chandler, Mountain View Community administrator; discussion of computers; census report of resident population; trails committee meeting; admission policy; staff evaluation formats; staff attendance incentive; staff weight loss incentive;
presence on Facebook; accounts payable coverage; inmate labor; union absenteeism (episodes); Commissions coffee hour; Ossipee Rotary- landscape committee; Bird feeders and bears; flag pole project; recycling cans and bottles;
1:31:20 Recess. 1:32:18 Public comment, James Hazzard of Oath Keepers; Used recycled computers; Ed Comeau; Hay sales; ticket writing funding for law enforcement; highway safety grants;