Government Oversite

Welcome to the Carroll County NH Commissioners (work session) from 2/6/13. This is a continuation of the regularly scheduled Commission meeting. The Commission meets at the County Administration Building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee. 00:09 Review of non union employee handbook with janice Sullivan, Human Resources; Harassment policy. 15:07 Information technology communications policy; telephone use; computer use; social media, Facebook; assigned email accounts, examples of work place violence;
42:48 Inappropriate use of a Firearm?; 48:23 Commissioners harassment complaint procedure; 49:99 All suspicious people should be reported immediately.
53:04 Opening at farm being advertised; open LPN, RN, business office positions; 57:05 Retention rates discussion. 59:27 Subcommittee recommendation to give a 1.00 raise to LNA's 1:03:19 Employee self evaluations. 1:05:20 David Babson; motion to have the investigation between Robin Reade, previous human resource director, and Commissioner Kenney be open to public; David Babson reads an email from Sandi Mckenzie, previous Nursing Home Administrator. 1:08:14 Commissioner Kenney responds to the request to make the investigation report public. Commissioner Kenney accuses Commissioner Babson of breaking the law by asking for the investigation be available to the public. 1:11:30 David Sorensen; clothing allowance rules;