Government Oversite

Welcome to the Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting from 2/13/13. The meeting took place at the County Administration Building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and began at 8:30am. 00:17 public input, David Babson; cancellation of admission policy hearing for the Nursing Home; John Ruckenbrod- comment on firearms; 03:57 Review of previous minutes; Asha kenney; David Babson; additions; discussion about Asha Kenney's previous remark about petitioning the court to look into Commissioner Babson asking to have a Grievance report released. 10:47 Reports; Asha Kenney reports non public minutes that were not reviewed or may be missing? 2009 non public minutes that were reviewed by David Sorenson, found to be unstapled and hard to understand; NH associations of County- 91a training discussion. 16:35 David Babson; report on Rotary Club visit; project support; flagpole; wellness trail; Nursing Home gardens;
19:15 Howard Chandler; Mountain View Community administrator; flagpole project; resident census; legislative subcommittee budget report; handling of snow storm; trails committee meeting report; Facebook presence; inmate labor; landscape gardening committee report; announcement of non public- personnel. 29:18 Went into non public 30:16 Action taken on highway safety grant; Sheriff Richardi explains; safety checks; speeding; what the funding pays for regarding salaries and payroll deductions. 37:00 $12,100 federal safety grant for campground/ highway patrol 39:08 Motion and vote to accept contract highway safety grants. 46:21 Jason Johnson, HOC report; population report; announcements 2012 employees of the year; visiting room table replacement value;
53:20 Motion and vote to sell visiting room tables; Roof snow falling on air conditioner units; proposal about pay ranking; 1:07:32 Daymond Steer, Conway Daily Sun; question about how pay ranking will work; sidebar addition to HOC union contracts; asks for clarification on Asha Kenney's statement about petitioning the court against Commissioner Babson. 1:13:10 Maureen Spencer, Blue Moon funding?; replacement of business office secretary; commissioners email not being answered;
1:21:36 Ed Comeau,; ethics of receiving Federal Government Grants due to financial situation of the Country. 1:28:26 Mellisa Seamans, Carroll County Independent; commissioners hiring staff; where are the non public minutes prepared; discussion about how non public minutes are processed; Daymond Steer, asks for clarification on accusations that emails received on campus can be hacked; discussion between Melissa Seamans and Commissioner Kenney; about Commissioner Kenney's blog that was established to rebut the negative press she receives from Melissa Seaman's a Carroll County Independent reporter; legal review of contents of Commissioner Kenney's blog; question of reading of the grievance report between Robin Reade and Kenney; process of hiring legal council Liz Bialy; 1:45:08 Asha Kenney; 91a settlement lists; Perry/ Woodburne grievance against board of commissioners; Daymond Steer, releasing of recent commissioners request for legal opinion; Steve Brown, what parts of legal investigations are public information, settlement agreements. Commissioners work session can be found at: