Government Oversite

Welcome to the Carroll County NH Commissioners work session from 2/13/13. The meeting took place at the County Administration Building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and began at 10:30am. 00:15 David Babson, motions to not allow a member of the board with the exception of the Chairman to seek legal advice for which the taxpayers of the county will be financially responsible without a majority consent of the board; discussion ensues. 06:42 Sheriff Domenic Richardi comments about motion. 11:06 Daymond Steer, Conway Daily Sun asks can the board bind other elected officials. 15:43 The motion is amended and re-read; vote taken. 17:06 Docstar, document storage and handling software company gives presentation. 1:13:08 Melissa Seamans, Carroll Count independent, comments that she and Kathy Garry of the business office were in the records room of the county ( "Kathy was talking about going back in time and like two weeks ago I came here and her and I went on a journey through yesterday and a- what we'd go back- 8, 10 years and we were all in that room and climbing over boxes and she was pulling out filing cab- just trying to help her find the information and then She had to go to the annual reports and find things in there and then she went to minutes- there's a big box of stuff that I was going through related to one topic, but if it was in Docstar so you could just type in some search terms- what I'm looking for, what anyone is looking for and that- took up alot of her time to put that 91a request together- so that would definitely save I was wondering about larger documents.")
1:25:16 David Babson requests that all commissioners have their own email addresses. 1:26:14 Energy reduction program study; boiler; lights and additional sensors. 1:29:22 Asha Kenney; bill for 5 MVC thermostats; Carpeting in MVC rebate; list of county salaries on website. 1:33:09 Steve Brown, Comment on why Melissa Seamans, reporter of the Carroll County Independent had access to the records room with Business Office representative Kathy Garry; Melissa Seamans explains;
1:34:28 Commissioners Kenney; statement that Melissa Seaman in 2007 was recording secretary of a set of non public minutes. Asks Why David Sorensen had asked a citizen to take minutes of Non Public minutes; discussions ensues; David Babson asks; were non public minutes are kept; process of access to non public minutes; process of putting non public meeting minutes together.