Government Oversite

Welcome to the Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting from 2/27/13. The meeting takes place at the County Administration building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and began at 8:30 am. 00:15 PUBLIC INPUT; JOHN RUCKINBROD; 2nd amendment. 05:13 DAYMOND STEER; how will Federal sequestration effect the county; Sheriffs office. 06:47 Ed Comeau; Shrink Government instead of raising taxes. 07:03 Approval of previous minutes; February 20, 2013. 08:22 NH Association of Counties budget; Hale's Location budget; Sending school children to Fryberg; 12:32 DAVID BABSON; motions "I move that we rescind the motion of two weeks ago, which allowed only the chair to call for legal advice If the county taxpayer is paying for it" and replace it with "All Commissioners can seek legal advice for county business with majority consent of the board" Second by David Sorensen, vote affirmative David Babson. Vote affirmative, David Sorensen. 13:48 JASON JOHNSON; Jail superintendent, House of Corrections; population report; discussion of superintendents meeting; HB133 (superintendents authority to place individuals out on administrative home confinement without a court order); discussion of powers of arrest for correction officers; female prison; medical clearance for incarceration. 24:00 MICHEAL FOWLER; Capt. HOC, Housing of federal inmates; what costs are covered by Feds; special requirements. 37:18 HOWARD CHANDLER, Mountain View Community (Nursing Home) administrator; skilled care census; medicare reimbursement review; generating revenue; effects of congressional sequestration cuts;
41:37 UNSCHEDULED ABSENTEEISM TRACKING; encouraging good attendance; discussion of moral; union contracts;
48:00 SNOW REMOVAL REPORT; Facebook page; purchasing policy; 57:26 Combining HOC and MVC purchasing;
1:01:03 David Sorensen?; survey of LNA wages from other county nursing homes; 1:11:32 David Sorensen, budget?; funds for audit for MDS coordinator; training for staff in medicare reimbursements; staff goal setting and reviews; employees with children making reasonable adjustments in scheduled; 1:17:40 Self evaluation forms and process; 1:22:18 JANICE SULLIVAN, human resource; non public minutes from 2/20/13; DOC-STAR request for proposal; which departments will not use Document handling system; request from Commissioner Kenney for time sheets of former employee- permission from board of commissioners; 1:26:35 DAYMOND STEER, Conway Daily Sun; why is the time sheet request being done in non public?; Ed Comeau, cost for paper products for the county; Melissa Seamans, Carroll County Independent; Discussion of Commissioner Kenney's website blog; who will be taking non public minutes; 1:34:43 David Babson discusses his objection list; Asha Kenney's accusation that commissioners called for legal advice about her blog; releasing grievance reports what is the procedures; Commissioner Kenney's blog comment about jail inspections; attorney General report filing; 1:41:05 Training seminars for county employees; employee handbook review;