Government Oversite

Welcome to the Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting from 3/6/13. The weekly meeting takes place at the County Complex, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and began at 8:30 am. 00:03 Commissioner Davie Sorensen; his trip to Washington DC. 01:46 Public comment from John Ruckenbrod; the county farm. 07:10 Public comment form Ed Comeau,; county farm. 07:23 Public Comment from Daymond Steer, Conway Daily Sun; what does the farm produce? Will Dewitt, clarifies. Counter 08:57 Mellisa Seamans; what is the procedure for the commissioners calling in absent; commissioners handbook?; Nursing home admission policy;
13:34 Daymond Steer; rise in budget, why?; Melissa Seamans; what has the delegation done to control spending; former timesheet releases; 18:28 Will Dewitt; County Farm report; snow removal; truck radiator; new employee hired; bagging of firewood process; 25:50 Nursing Home costs; DHHS: 1.2 million dollars, why? 28:42 Howard Chandler, Mountain View Community Administrator report; 2nd attendant during transports; telephone contract; likes on Facebook page; flagpole installation; use of nursing home meeting room;
42:00 Melissa Seamans; what types of meeting rooms are available at MVC?; hours of cafe?; social services staffing; jail superintendent, Jason Johnson fell on ice in front of jail report;
48:40 John Ruckenbrod; asks David Sorensen for a short report of his trip to Washington DC; congressional sequestration impact; 56:28 Ed Comeau; sequestration amount of 85 billion is a drop in the bucket to the amount of debt; County farm cost analysis; 59:37 Steve Brown; work session voting and motions; opposes political parties meeting at the Nursing Home; discussion of flagpole installation; 1:07:57 Mountain View Community time capsule; Steve Brown "Put Ed in the time capsule"' Ossipee portion of County government; candidate night in Ossipee; town level contracts/ request for quote; 1:12:29 Discussion about a non public meeting where a sealed letter was given to commissioner Kenney from Jail Captain Fowler; why was letter posted on the Commissioners website if it was handed to her in non public; ; Daymond Steer- asks for clarification of how contents of non public is handled; Melissa Seamans clarifies question; discussion issues; jail reports being sent to AG's office; how inspections are done; discussion of what the actual jail report entails;
1:32:47 Non public minute procedural question, David Babson;