Government Oversite

Welcome to the Carroll County Commissioners meeting from 3/13/13. The Commissioners meet at the County Complex, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and it began at 8:30am.

00:12 Public input: Chip Albee makes a statement about wood processor costs and profits. 09:03 Public input; Melissa Seamans, Carroll County Independent, questions Commissioners about the employee handbook- Should the rules apply to the Commissioners behavior regarding social media.

13:06 Chip Albee, Statement that executive branch should live to a hire Standard.

13: 37 Ed Comeau,, Personal responsibility.

15:16 Melissa Seamans; purpose of employee handbook; delegation budget; regional appropriation process; VNA Hospice appropriations;

20:18 Chip Albee; DEAS line amount causing concern. It is no longer known under that acronym. DEAS; Department of Elderly and Adult Services is now called Bureau of Elderly and Adult Services; This line item is a large portion of the County tax bill and needs to be adressed.

34:21 Howard Chandler, Mountain View Community Administrator, gives his report.

1:00:57 Janice Sullivan, Human Resources- Non employee self evaluation process.

1:26:21 David Sorensen; reads an addendum to the Union Contract with the Jail to giving additional compensation to several DOC officers for filling in during a shortage of staff.

1:44:15 Additional public comments; Dispatch services; employee handbook; Nursing Home admittance policy.