Government Oversite

Welcome to the Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting from 7/17/13. Commissioners: David Babson, David Sorensen and Asha Kenney collectively administer the business of the County. The Board exercises budgetary control over County operations and prepares the annual budget for the approval by the County Delegation. The Board met at the County Administration Building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and began this meeting at 9:00am.

00:57 Commission goes into non public to discuss the wages and hiring of the new Administrative assistant.

01:42 David Sorensen announces the hiring of Michelle Hamilton as the Administrative assistant; Daymond Steer- unsealed minutes of June 19th; letter to the editor from the previous Administrative assistant; Gayle Lee termination; Supervisor Union; Corrections officers back pay; Steve Brown objects to saying the non public minutes from June 19th were sealed properly; Steve Brown objects to forming a supervisors Union; employees wanting to Unionize; discussion of released non public minutes of June 19th;

08:53 attorney consultation on unionizing; Melissa Seamans, Carroll County Independent- asks Babson to report regarding reviewing the non public files storage;

11:30 Review of previous meeting minutes; Daymond Steer- calls point of order, corrects minutes, July 10th, regarding, article in paper, should read, letter to the editor;

16:33 Kenney comments on RSA regarding what type of documents are available to public;

17:46 Bob Murray MVC facilities director, discusses Pellet contract; terms of contract the same; price has risen; 400 tons of pellets; Sandried corporation; june 3rd; motion and vote to accept.

20:00 Howard Chandler, Becky Mason, Paula Coates- MVC- RFP's regarding the MVC computer software; Dube Trust Fund; Chandler discusses Dube Trust; file cabinets; Federal required software; financial, clinical software; sandbox training; web inane training; point click care; web based continuing education fees; 6,000 yearly support; electronic medical records; Babson- parallel systems?; Care tracker; migration of old data; pharmacy interface; October, November time frame; NTT, Vista Keen; references- Webster at Rye; Coos County; MDS Coordination; windows base; Federal Requirements; ESCRIBE; Medicare billing Efficiency; enhanced revenue; Tablet access; IT integration; present back up servers; record Storage; number of employees on system; system security; journal entry process; motion and vote to purchase software; Babson wants delay until next week for decision; what accounts will pay for software?; Dube fund; no supplemental appropriation; capital expense; vote will tale place next week;

1:02:54 Sorensen discusses hiring lawyer to negotiate a Union; contract with County Corrections; legal clarification of process; new HR director- Wynette Degroot given task to investigate the process; Sheriffs Union letter; contract negotiations; Jail supervisor joining Union;

1:08:42 Sorensen introduces New HR Director Wynette Degroot; negotiations; policy handbook; Kenney welcomes new director- states she is well qualified; task- review policy procedures;

1:16:33 Discussion of the Dube Account details; educational purposes; how the account money is used; how is the money used;

1:32:17 Babson and Kenney argue about how Babson completed non public minutes; argument continues; Kenney objects to Babson's minute taking; Babson offers an amendment add his minutes to Kenney's minutes; Kenney says Babson's minutes are not accurate; vote to accept the idea of amending; Babson- Sorensen yes; Kenney No; July 10; minutes released; July 3- discussion of content of minutes; motion and vote to release July 3rd;

1:38:25 Babson to Kenney "Commissioner Kenney, either you keep your mouth shut about the minutes or vote"; discussion of accuracy of non public meeting minutes;

1:48:03 Public Comments; Melissa Seamans requests to view the just released non public meeting minutes; Daymond Steer- jail Union issue; asks for clarification of what is meant by adding supervisors to Union; Steve Brown inquires about the overtime back pay to corrections officers mentioned in the released Non Public minutes of June 19th; part A and B pay structure- June 19th non public minutes;

1:52:49 amount of Moulton case settlement; primex; estate case; E- state;

1:54:25 Steve Brown cautions the board about conflict of interests regarding the HR generalist handling jail staff related issues due to being related to the a Jail supervisor;

1:58:14 Melissa Seamans discusses released minutes regarding Kenney audio recording the non public minutes; Discussion of wiretapping; Seamans- where are tapes of previous non public meeting minutes; discussion of commissioners vote not to audio record non public meetings;

2:04:24 Ed Comeau; discusses the process of sealing minutes; discusses the June 19th non public minutes and the Commissioners attempt at sealing after 72 hours;

2:07:23 Seamans- non public check list; Steve Brown- 91a minute sealing process; Mason and Rich; 2010 audit not being completed?; discussing auditing process RSA;