Government Oversite

Welcome to the Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting from 7/24/13. Commissioners: David Babson, David Sorensen and Asha Kenney collectively administer the business of the County. The Board exercises budgetary control over County operations and prepares the annual budget for the approval by the County Delegation. The Board met at the County Administration Building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and began this meeting at 8:30 am.

00:50 Commissioners reports- Babson- road washout; Brad Harriman Ossipee road agent; Steve Schmitt;

02:34 Kenney, Babson commend Michelle Hamilton- new recording secretary;

03:12 Sorensen reports on a positive letter in local newspaper regarding the Cafe at the MVC; Babson reports on a negative letter in Conway Daily Sun regarding alleged cold food at nursing home; discussion of letters to editors; clarification that MVNH food is very well prepared; discussion of Cafe staff;

07:18 NH association of counties report; David Sorensen- expense reports; solar panels; NAOC; taxing municipal bond interest; discussion of contacting congress to oppose ; NACO health discounts; US Community member purchasing company; County administrator presentations;

15:39 Review of July 17th minutes; motion and vote;

16:30 Review of Non Public minutes from March 20,27,30 (some non public minutes not sealed)

18:50 (Sorensen to Kenney- "you didn't put in here that any of these where sealed") Babson- "we need to take these up in non public session"

21:20 Sheriff Dominic Richardi report regarding vehicle; vehicle is located at Crowell's; Craig's list; eBay; online auction.

28:42Howard Chandler, Becky Mason; Paula Coats- software for MVC; RFP; discusses proposals; NTT; software is an update of existing software in use for ten years; web based upgrade; maintenance and education; 36 month minimum contract; electronic medical records; discussion of 90.00 hour training fee- Babson asks for clarification- Built into price; Kenney- is web training included- yes; purchasing option v. Web based ownership; Babson- how much training is included- it is projected to be adequate; projected hours for training- 100 hours; motion and vote to accept proposal; Discussion- Babson- MVC voting based on the expertise of the MVC staff; up to 35,000 from Dube account- balance from budget; selling file cabinets- fire safes; Vote passed unanimously; census; nursing home roundtable; assuring accuracy in admissions;

47:33 Bids being opened for county auditors; 2011; 2012; report that 2010, 2011,2012 no audits were preformed; reviewing proposal; financial statement audits;

1:04:38 Work session- Kenney would like topic on agenda; Sorensen- short/ long range plan; Union Contracts; old nursing home RFP; CNT; thermostat that was moved at MVC; drawbacks to having a County Administrator; becoming a dictator; cost. Benefits- full time responsibilities. Wellness trail;

1:12:07 IT Committee; appointment process; discussion of public involvement- people outside of County; Kenney floats idea of consultants being included;

1:16:50 Jackson and Lewis legal bills; Babson - why 2 bills?; non public or public?;

1:20:07 Wynette Degroot, new HR Director- employee handbook; suspension process; Delegation investigative procedure; 91a request handling process; HOC employee handbook; reviewing possible contractual conflicts; hearing notification by certified mail; without using names they are discussing a past aggrieved MVC employee that allege notifications of hearings not being received.

1:31:27 Public Comment- Steve Brown; discussion of US Congress taxing municipal bond interest; discussion of US Congress taxing Charitable contributions;

1:33:35 Ed Comeau- "Taxation" "is" "Theft"

1:33:57 Daymond Steer adds information to the taxation of municipal bonds; questions how the MVC RFP was advertised;

1:35:37 Steve Brown- Audits not being preformed in 2011, 2012; RSA requirements; financial statements auditing; storage of Sheriff vehicles in Wakefield; Wakefield storage fees?; Storage of HUMMER; Crowell's;

1:40:48 Ed Comeau- County inventory controls; IT inventory;

1:41:45 John Ruckenbrod- discussion of unmarked vehicle being breach of security; Babson- Steve Brown discuss where County vehicle is stored;

1:43:17 Daymond Steer- Conway Daily Sun- questions Sorensen on hearing the Commission mention earlier that Non Public minutes where not sealed; Steer quotes the 91a Right to Know law; Sorensen attempts to clarify that minutes were sealed; Steve Brown makes statement of process of sealing minutes;

1:46:20 Ed Comeau- "I didn't hear a clear answer, do all Non Public minutes discussed here state that they were sealed?"; March 13th; Babson discusses if the minutes in question were audio recorded?;

1:48:14 Ed Comeau- non pubic minutes that are not sealed after 72 hours must be released; Kenney recants proper sealing of minutes by a recorded 2/3 vote;

1:49:47 Ed Comeau- "Were the minutes sealed?; Sorensen- "I'm going to tell you one more time"; Sorensen "schools" Comeau on sealing of minutes; Commission discusses the circumstances behind why the non public minutes.

1:52:51 Sorensen reopens meeting to take action on releasing non public minutes from March 13th; discussion of redacting information from non public minutes; motion and vote to release minutes;