Government Oversite

Welcome to the Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting from 7/31/13. Commissioners: David Babson, David Sorensen and Asha Kenney collectively administer the business of the County. The Board exercises budgetary control over County operations and prepares the annual budget for the approval by the County Delegation. The Board met at the County Administration Building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and began this meeting at 8:30 am.

00:02 Daymond questions a comment he heard just before the meeting starts regarding someone complaining about the Commissioners;

01:33 Reviewing previous meeting minutes;

07:00 Commissioner Babson suggests corrections; letter to the editor; Fosters Daily Democrat; motion and vote;

11:50 Commissioners reflect on the recent farm day events; bird houses; Kenney brings up an email from other audit companies that were never returned; Glen Cordelli (State Rep) also had sent an email that was never answered- about audit information; requests for the minutes from the IT committee meetings;

19:06 Reviewing bids received from auditors; 19,000 approx; only have budget amount for one year; must find A way to move money or go back to delegation; discussion of cost of auditing; motion and vote; discussion of where what line item the funding will come from;

26:10 Will Dewitt- Farm Supervisor commended for the success of farm day; wood processing; garden harvesting; forestry program; hardwood cut/ softwood cut; farm day report- piglets; 12 piglets; constipated sow; boar breeding issues; Dewitt reads email from citizen praising the farm and farm day, commends work of Will, UNH and 4H;

34:16 Jason Johnson- Jail Superintendent reports; population report; telecommunications contract due; discussion of IT Committee; offender management systems; inmate telephone system; records management vender; NH legislature passes SB 198- authority given to correction officers;

43:17 Anne Aiton- registrar of deeds- 6,000 loss of revenue; parking lot congestion; smoking policy; discussion of designated areas; motion and vote to approve Commissioner Kenney to find an adequate smoking areas;

52:10 Howard Chandler- MVC; LNA car wash; LNA's get cars washed by supervisors; staffing recruits; adding sessions to train LNA's; savings given to County as a Educational institute; Rogers Smith; hiring outside person to hold training courses for LNA's; contract negotiations; I Health; Medicare; Medicaid; dental non reimbursement; lists of dentist; NACo dental plan; mobile dentist; architect design award; sign in book in lobby of MVC; staff message center; positive letter regarding Cafe services; it's been announced Rob Horas is ill, on medical leave, but doing well; staff census; per diem staff; LNA approved pay; union approval; inviting Sheriff department personnel to Commissioners breakfast;

1:22:00 Victim Witness grant; motion and vote;

1:26:32 IT bill; Commission moves into Non Public;

1:27:44 Commissioner Sorensen reads (3) 91a requests into the record, submitted by Ed Comeau,; Moulton case- what is the settlement amount paid to the Moulton Estate?; primex;

1:29:27 Sorensen complains that "All these 91a requests are very time consuming to the county"

1:29:30 91A EC02 For how long will Janice Sullivan, previous HR director, receive compensation after she has left her position?

1:30:39 91A EC03 Last date Janice Sullivan last worked, date of termination, How much compensation will Janice Sullivan receive, Statement of how much gross pay to present, and why Janice Sullivan has continued to be paid after she was terminated.

1:32:54 91A EC04 Release of un redacted non public minutes of March 13th; release all non public meeting minutes that were not properly sealed; show that non public sealed minutes were sealed by 2/3 vote.

1:35:54 Sorensen again states that 91a requests are very time consuming for the county to process;

1:37:18 Kenney asks why the 91a request to know what the settlement amount for the Moulton case will be referred to Primex?; discussion of who is responsible to answer the settlement question;

1:38:55 Sorensen discusses a phone call he received from Dr. Deanery; a Hale's location resident; agreement regarding transportation to Fryeburg academy; Kathy Armstrong; reading of letter from Armstrong to Deanery; discussion of previous agreement made at a prior commission meeting; Hale's location tax assessing; inventory of taxable property form; DRA; PA28; RSA 74:4; application for reimbursement regarding forestry land; compensation; abatements; assessor hours; Babson questions why one person is signing checks for Hale's location; clock batteries; IT annual bill; email received from a bidder that was not responded to;

2:00:20 Sorensen instructs Babson to destroy correspondence received because, names are on it;

2:02:37 Discussion of Union contracts; employees of jail- joining Union;

2:04:24 Public input; Melissa Seamans- Carroll County Independent, RSA 273a:8; supervisors Union; Daymond Steer- Conway Daily Sun: performance audit starting with commissioners; Hal's location letter; name of Portland Auditor; Beaulieu and Company; audit 2011-2012;

2:09:47 Steve Brown- who pays for the Commissioners breakfast at MVC; questions voting for accepting a bid without knowing where the money is coming from;

2:13:39 Melissa Seamans asks for clarification of what the law requires regarding audits; performance audit details; are bank accounts being balanced; John Ruckenbrod- Hale's location school issue regarding letter about transportation of students to Fryeburg Academy;