Government Oversite

Welcome to the Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting from 8/28/13. Commissioners: David Babson, David Sorensen and Asha Kenney collectively administer the business of the County. The Board exercises budgetary control over County operations and prepares the annual budget for the approval by the County Delegation. The Board met at the County Administration Building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and began this meeting at 8:30am.

00:52 Commissioner Sorensen, statement regarding 2008- present public/ non public minute review status; missing non public minutes; Commissioner Kenney's locked file safe; Robin Reade, previous HR Director; 2010 minutes;

02:47 Sorensen responds to a news article in the Conway Daily Sun: ;discusses charges of corruption by Wakefield resident Steve Brown; Sorensen takes exception to the charge that County Government is corrupt; definition of corruption;

04:23 Commissioner Babson- reiterates Sorensen's statement that the county is not corrupt; Babson motions to immediately release the minutes already reviewed; 2nd for discussion; hesitation from releasing minutes before review is complete; Commission votes unanimously to release minutes already reviewed; public binder of minutes;

12:14 Michelle Hamilton- recording secretary; discussion of Aug 7, 14, 2013 minutes; discussion of corrections to Aug 21, 2013 minutes; discussion of non public minutes;

18:51 Babson reports on a new HOC program helping inmates to make better decisions; request to keep data and track the progress of program participants; reducing recidivism; discusses an ex inmate visiting the jail to speak with inmates; Sorensen commends Babson's involvement and interest in the program to reduce recidivism;

23:25 Babson reports on the Delegation subcommittee regarding County Dispatch services; Belknap County Corrections; discussion about cost of housing 'visiting' inmates; amount of inmates to be taken;

29:43 Babson and Kenney discuss the process of reviewing and signing checks; Captain Fowlers cell phone bill; Kenney states that the county pays 8- 10,000 dollars a year for cell phones;

34:01 Babson argues with Kenney about leaving checks unsigned without leaving a note to the other commissioners as to why she didn't sign;

35:24 Wynette Degroot, HR Director, has commissioners sign a card thanking Melissa Cante on 10 years of service; Commission appoints Wynette Degroot to the awards committee for the National Association of Counties Organization;

36:34 Will Dewitte, County Farm Supervisor; MVC generator maintenance contract; discussion- service inclusions; Caterpillar; emergency service capabilities; Old Nursing Home switch panel; Milton Caterpillar maintenance agreement; 3 year contract; report on Haying;

47:06 Babson moves to send letter requesting that the Superior Court mow their property;

49:33 Babson reports- Families in Transition group meeting regarding interests in using the Old Nursing home;

51:52 State Representative and Brookfield Selectmen Bill Nelson discusses a company that is interested in being added to the list of bidders for any demolition work to Old Nursing Home;

54:00 Richard Zacher, Brookfield Selectmen; cell phone bill amounts; Commission goes into non public is 91a, 3, paragraph 2e