Government Oversite

Welcome to the Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting from 10/9/13. Commissioners: David Babson, David Sorensen and Asha Kenney collectively administer the business of the County. The Board exercises budgetary control over County operations and prepares the annual budget for the approval by the County Delegation. The Board met at the County Administration Building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and began this meeting at 8:30am.

00:26 Review of previous meeting minutes; Sept. 25, accepted unanimous; Kenney objects to a set of minutes (Sept.18, 2013) that she states has content missing; Kenney objects to a description of a meeting Commissioner Sorensen had with the Michelle Hamilton, recording secretary, as an employee orientation, the minutes Kenney is questioning were previously approved by Babson and Sorensen and voted against by Kenney; Kenney makes claim that summery items are being added that are not accurate to what actually happened;

05:42 Babson gives report regarding the Delegation Subcommittee on the County Dispatch services; discussion of the details of the committee meeting;

11:20 Kenney discusses May 3rd 2013 Non public minutes that surfaced; Kenney make comment that Sorensen is not telling the truth; Kenney was absent due to a confusion of when the May 3rd meeting was posted. Kenney did not attend and could not take the Non Public minutes, so Kathy Garry of the business office was asked to take the minutes. Kenney objects to the minutes not being sent to her as clerk. Kenney stated that the non public meeting was due to a complaint filed. Kenney states the non public minutes were sent to the HR director.

13:20 Babson questions Kenney about minutes that have not been uploaded to the County website; argument ensues regarding the missing minutes; Babson and Sorensen blame Kenney for not handling and storing the minutes effectively; Kenney complains that a May 3rd meeting was not posted properly.

19:06 Howard Chandler, introduces a intern administrator; discussion- new contracts; reviewing capital contracts; venders; handling routine purchases; Census- 102 residence; veteran area around new flag pole; golf cart update; Wii game use by residents; handling of criminal background checks;

34:48 Robin Gordon requests internet access for the Carroll County Court; discussion begins regarding emergency egress from delegation room;

45:00 Timber sale update- Wendy Scribner; discussion of quoted prices; wetlands permitting; timber taxes; road fabric; Motion made to accept contract for logging; motion passes- Babson aye, Sorensen Aye, Kenney votes no- "I didn't receive the contract in time to read it"; stump removals; vote to accept a intent to cut; drafted letter to previous logger that damaged previous logging area; reseeding damaged areas to stabilize soil;Scribner discusses installation of fitness trail; trail network; clearing and preparing trails; using chipper; one bridge needed;

1:13:25 HR Director Wynette Degroot, 91a policy; Commissioners review a building permit submitted by a developer- Hals Location; Commission are the Selectmen of Hales location;

1:24:40 Jason Johnson, HOC Superintendent gives report; housing inmates from Belknap County; discussion regarding cost; 57.50 per day; motion to accept agreement; 52 in house; vacant LPN position filled; police standards in training; Babson discusses monitoring; transfers; Babson considers creating a fund to assist released inmates with transportation to jobs; Babson reports on the Freyberg Fair; discussion- using wood shop to rehabilitation;

1:45:41 Work Session- Kenney discusses upcoming Delegation meeting; Old Nursing Home; union negotiations; cost of union negotiations; Kenney objects to using the lawyer used for union negotiations to investigate employee grievances; Kenney request to purchase a safe;

1:56:13 Public comment; Mellisa Seamans, Carroll County Independent; filing cabinets; minute storage; record retention policies; disposal of records; using fire proof cabinets being discarded by the Nursing Home, as they are moving to electronic storage; cost savings; released minutes; jail investigation report request; Sept 4 and Sept 11 minutes;

2:04:11 Seamans argues with Kenney about minutes that were released; Babson accuses Kenney of taking minutes from the building; Kenney states the business office has all the binders of minutes; Kenney asks Seamans about a newspaper article she wrote regarding missing minutes, Kenney demands Seamans to provide proof; Kenney and Sorensen argue about missing non public meeting minutes;

2:10:50 Seamans lists missing sets of minutes; cost of housing an inmate; Tracy Newlin- gives comment regarding document handling; recording and storing settlements;

2:19:25 Kenney objects to Sorensen storing settlement files; Kenney accuses Sorensen of breaking the law; Kenney reports that the previous County Attorney warned Sorensen that he cannot store settlement agreement files; Sorensen intimates that he is storing them because Kenney doesn't have a way of securing them; Kenney objects to procedure of releasing old Non Public meeting minutes; Kenney states Sorensen is twisting her words;