Government Oversite

Welcome to the Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting from 10/16/13. Commissioners: David Babson, David Sorensen and Asha Kenney collectively administer the business of the County. The Board exercises budgetary control over County operations and prepares the annual budget for the approval by the County Delegation. The Board met at the County Administration Building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and began this meeting at 8:30 am.

00:24 No public input; review of previous meeting minutes; Oct 9, 2013; Sept. 25, 2013; discussion- corrections; Kenny makes statement regarding Sorensen's storage of settlement files; Kenney reiterates that all files are to be stored by the clerk per RSA;

06:05 Sorensen makes statement that he is storing the grievance settlement files to keep them safe; Sorensen makes it clear that he is "not above the law" regarding that he is storing grievance settlement files.

07:12 Babson reports on the Delegation subcommittee on dispatch services; See meeting here:

09:46 Work session- right to know policy; bereavement leave compensation; commissioners Babson and Kenney did not read the bereavement policy; discussion- reviewing the RTK process;

15:28 Wynette Degroot comments and requests that the administrative assistant should handle processing RTK; motion to accept the new policy for 6 months; motion passes unanimously;

23:22 Sorensen makes comment about sick leave buy back program; concern over fairness to non union workers;

29:30 Babson discusses the smoking policy; Kenney is given responsibility to have the area agreed upon posted;

30:32 Wynette Degroot, HR Director, reminds commission of the non smoking campus signs that must now be taken down;

31:24 Babson Discusses- inadequate mission statement that is on the website;

35:48 Babson voices concern over the released non public minutes; Kenney is accused of giving the wrong folder to be uploaded; Kenney gives rebuttal; discussion of originals and copies; storage; Kenney argues that Sorensen is not accurately reporting what is happening; Kenney states that missing minutes were processed before she was elected;

43:25 Babson request to move the conversation back to the non public minutes of 2013; Kenney claims the charts are not updated; Kenney produces April 17th, May 29th, May 8th, July 17th, March 6th, Jan.13th, Jan. 9th, Feb. 13th, Feb. 27th- two Conference calls, resignation letter- Chart records that non minutes where taken; Discussion regarding May 1st;

48:32 Sorensen apologizes for taking a conference call in Non Public; Sorensen reports on telephone conference call with Spy Glass telecommunication expense management;

52:30 Kenney reiterates that the commission needs to follow the law; Sorensen restates that he is not above the law and that he made a mistake; discussion- teleconference call with Spy Glass; John Ruckenbrod, Osippee, comments that the telecommunication costs should be reviewed by the County and not by an outside company; Ruckenbrod continues to comment about proper procedure of going into non public; Discussion- Spy Glass contract; Telephone survey of phone system costs; Melissa Seamans, Carroll County Independent, perhaps the survey should be done by the on campus telecommunication contractor already in place.

58:40 Babson makes comment about a telecommunications meeting held by private citizens that met to discuss telecommunication costs. Babson makes claim that since the meeting was not held at the County offices it lacked a broad participation and caused the commission to look for outside assistance from Spy Glass Corp to reduce telecom costs (Background: it was decided, after a resident complaint, that the delegation room should not be utilized by private groups that are not open to the public, therefor the private telecom roundtable was held at a nearby location)

59:05 Discussion- the suggestions that came out of the private telecom meeting; who attended and what was discussed; Seamans notes what was gained; re negotiated software licenses costs; Who seeked out Spy Glass Corp?; discussion- other methods to save telecom money; using the nursing home IT to review telecom system billing; discussion- jail phone system;

1:06:57 Sorensen announces the non public session per 91a:3 para 2a 2, a, b, c. is to review and finalize 2013 non public meeting minutes;

1:07:27 Melissa Seamans- questions Kenney about the sudden discovery of non public minutes; Seamans lists which minutes are missing; Seamans questions why Carroll County had not calculated the county tax rates; uploading 3rd quarter finances to website; discussion- process of reviewing department budgets by delegation

1:18:05 Commission moves to go into non public; Roll call vote;