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Welcome to the Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting from 10/23/13. Commissioners: David Babson, David Sorensen and Asha Kenney collectively administer the business of the County. The Board exercises budgetary control over County operations and prepares the annual budget for the approval by the County Delegation. The Board met at the County Administration Building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and began this meeting at 8:30 am.

Part 1 jump points:

00:03 Review of previous meeting minutes; Oct. 16, 2013; Kenney questions the release of votes taken in non public session; motion to accept. Babson and Sorensen vote AYE, Kenney votes NAY. ____  18:53 Wynette Degroot, HR director presents the department budget; Job fair; Granite State College; discussion- making hourly HR assistant a salaried position; Motion made to make HR Assistant a salaried position; Motion dies for lake of second; Babson states reason; current assistant wages; discussion of HR assistant possible salary; discussion of fees; increased legal fees; postage; telephone increases; cell phone costs; new equipment costs; Kronos; licenses; I.T. budgeting from other Counties; advertising costs; how to categorize legal expense lines per department; Kronos licenses;

43:40 Kenney question legal bills, Closson, Bailey, Primex; LGC legal assistance; NHMA, New Hampshire Municipal Authority; NHACo; National Association of Counties. ____     46:34 Jerry Gagne, Facilities Director; fire protection system; discusses his budget; equipment maintenance; propane costs; generator maintenance expense; care of grounds; snow removal; gas meter reading; new vacuum cleaner; computer controls for heating and other systems; farm budget value of service; roof compressor maintenance; ____  1:04:35 Howard Chandler and Becky Mason MVC- presents their budget; Chandler commends the support the commission toward Zenya Hernandez. Zenya's daughter has been missing since Oct. 9th; discussion of online groups raising money for the Hernandez family; Mountain view family council; Chandler requests a decision be made for back pay adjustments; Becky Mason, MVC, rate of pay; Union LNA's; separated by tier; discussion of rate of pay increases for LNA; Motion made to increase rate of pay; vote passes unanimously.  ____  1:14:05 Sorensen asks Chandler about storage of Christmas holiday decorations; friends of Mountain View donating transformer to electrify the flag island; memorial benches; patient lifts;   discussion- Old Nursing Home Annex; residual funds to purchase lifts; roof repairs on remaining roof of annex; Melissa Seamans- fitness trail update; septic system tank seals; septic pumping;   

1:26:44 Anne Aiton, Registrar of Deeds presents the department budget; Mylar cabinets; Safeco Mylar cabinets; Motion to purchase special storage cabinets; discussion- Babson wants more prices; shelving, book covers; discussion- salaries; special archival paper; copy costs to send requested deed info to towns; ____ 2:08:24 Robin Gordon, County Attorney presents her department budget: to her Left is Melissa Smith, Victim witness; online subscriptions; office supply costs; discussion- Babson questions purchasing process; central purchasing; postage; electronic file exchanges; travel expenses; photo copy expenses; heavy duty filing boxes; I.T. Costs; installation of Internet at Court house; 

Part 2 video jump points:

00:03 Begin part 2; cost of living increases; installation of internet at County Courthouse; comparison to other counties regarding internet at courthouse; 

03:00 Mellisa Smith, Victim Witness- education conferences; discussion of auditing grant funding; Sue Dearborn; grant application form processing; postage costs; office supplies; discussion- how is the Victim Witness line items tracked within the Attorney's budget; computer upgrades; discussion of I.T. Committees;  

14:29 Kenney makes a statement regarding County Attorney's involvement in the I.T. Committee; I.T. Bids; her statement is repeated for Babson;

19:17 Kathy Garry, Business office, presents the department budget; computer cost line item;  telephone costs; EEOC- emergency operations communications system; copying costs; 

26:34 Babson questions traveling expenses; discussion- drop in travel expenses being charged; how new computers are purchased; Cybertron; Kronos; Babson- apportionment of  I.T. expenses; Cybertron; Kronos; I.T. Committee recommendations.

33:42 Babson asks why the Kronos timekeeping system is not completely up and running; Garry explains why it is not; ACS processing; Garry explains her Kronos processing; overtime;     discussion- Kronos time keeping system; other County Comparisons; treasurer; signature stamps;  

47:26 Department of Elder and Adult Services, (DEAS) line item of 4,310,708; State billing 4.295 million; County billing of 4.1 million; jail bond; water bond; principle payment to nursing home bond; interest payments; line item for the 2010 2011 auditing; Kenney asks for an update on the audit that is in process; special fees and services line item; life safety fees;  

57:27 Discussion- OSHA, federal mandated global harmonization, GHS (Chemical MDS reporting) adding a specific line item to pay for mandated requirements to control hazard wastes. Global Harmonization System (international agreement) ; new pictograms; employee training to identify and control chemicals; online systems; County wide chemical stocks; labeling requirements; proper storage; pesticides;  

1:07:06 Kenney discusses compliance with the i9 system; conventions; performance audit costs; encumbrance of $20,000; office supplies; 

1:10:52 Discussion- Old Nursing Home Annex; removal of wings; roof repair; bids; existing estimates; Always Wrecking; getting bids to demolish two wings; Bonnet Page and Stone quote; demolishing and wall completion; 

1:16:10 Babson discusses Spy Glass Corps details of the agreement; discussion of the process of fees; Garry gives details of scope of charges; reference checks; Rockingham County; Grafton County Farm value of service- regarding selling produce from farm and how the expenses and revenue is handled; tracking values; 

1:22:45 Renting out space in Old Nursing Home Annex; Bob Murray, MVC facilities manager, need for storage space; creating a separate stand alone I.T. department; contracted I.T. services; discussion- who would be assigned to the new I.T. department; ____  1:26:40 Disposal of retired computers; discussion- process of upgrading computers; computer upgrade priority list;     

1:29:37 Sorensen announces a recess for lunch; discussion of agenda items remaining;

1:31:49 Public input- Melissa Seamans, Carroll County Independent; County budget reconfiguration; Strafford County annual report comparisons to Carroll; Strafford County phone system savings; combining maintenance budgets; servicing vehicles on campus; taxing of county owned property; abatements; Ossipee taxing land adjacent to the nursing home; legal expenses line item; establishing a contingency fund; 

1:45:47 Seamans- How the Delegation has structured the budget; discussion- line item budgeting; DEAS line item- state costs for youth services; APDT, OAA, discussion- Kronos time keeping system problems; union contracts; moving payroll out of business office to HR department; non public minute review, approvals, and release; electronic file storage being added to budget; Spy Glass contract; discussion- analyzing the phone bills; 

2:01:06 Steve Brown, Wakefield resident- requests more information regarding the Global Harmonization System; federal government; who is the global authority; having Teletechnics telecommunications from MVC analyze the county phone bills ; patient lifts; Dube Account involvement; Kronos time system drawbacks and errors; Old Nursing Home roof repairs and monies that are left over; discussion- Kronos system status; compatibility issues; Kronos data duplications; 

2:09:55 Commission goes into non public 91a: para 2, a, b, Jason Johnson HOC, contracts