Government Oversite

Welcome to the Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting from 10/30/13. Commissioners: David Babson, David Sorensen and Asha Kenney collectively administer the business of the County. The Board exercises budgetary control over County operations and prepares the annual budget for the approval by the County Delegation. The Board met at the County Administration Building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and began this meeting at 8:30 am.

00:13 Kathy Vizard discusses Hale's location budget, Please Click Here to review location profile. Please Click Here to visit Hale's Location website Background- the County Commissioners act as selectmen and school Board members due to the fact that Hale's Location is unincorporated as a town. Kathy Vizard acts as superintend of the school district in Hale's Location. MS2; assessments; expenditures; appropriations; bus transportation; flat assessments costs per student; High school- $32,000, 1 middle- $27,000, Elementary- $25,000; Hale's location does not pay for capital improvements; setting tax rate; Hale's Location office hours; road repaving report; unreserved fund balance; ($174,000); cost of adding new students; risk of overspending if a student moves in and attends schools; process of bringing budget in line if students move in after the budget has been finalized;

16:49 Wynette Degroot asks the commission to add an emergency Non Public meeting per 91a: E, G; review of previous meeting minutes; Kenney objects to having a complete accounting of reporter Melissa Seaman's public comments inserted into the minutes; Babson questions Kenney's non public minutes that were requested by Melissa Seamans; Wynette Degroot comments that all the Non Public released minutes are not available to be uploaded to the website; Recess requested by Babson to investigate minutes under discussion; Cheryl Laurent, Commissioners Administrative Assistant, discusses the status of the minute (chart); Feb. 13th, 2013- non public; May 1st, 2013- non public, listed as just located; Oct, 16th- states that this date is not sealed; Kenney tasked to bring minutes in question to be review by end of commission meeting;

27:50 Sheriff, Dominic Richardi, presents department budget; Please Click Here to download budget; Discussion of each line item;

PART 2 00:04 Part 2; Sheriff Dominic Richardi Continues the review of his budget;

27:17 Commission takes short recess;

27:35 Jason Johnson, House of corrections, presents his department budget;

1:19:42 Review of previous meeting minutes; Oct, 23rd, 2013; Babson motions to accept; discussion- Registry of Deeds request for a safe; bids; manufactures versus suppliers; vote to accept; Babson- aye; Sorensen- aye; Kenney votes NO! Kenney objects that comments she makes are not added to the minutes, but all of public comments made by Carroll County Independent reporter was added. Babson strongly requests that Kenney show where in the minutes comments where not added. Babson commends Michelle Hamilton, Recording Secretary for doing a good job;

1:29:00 Public input- Melissa Seamans, Carroll County Independent- the disappearance of Abby Hernandez, request that a poster be posted around County complex; Please Click Here to visit Abby Hernandez's facebook page; employee nominations not being completed; House of Corrections employee nominations; County specific annual awards event; Picnic event in summer; hiring of a new HOC Captain; (Captain Fowler has resigned); HR committee hiring process; Sheriff department cruiser taken out of service; discussion of new cruiser; County Website 3rd Quarter financials not uploaded as the time of this meeting; additions to website, RFP performance audit and demolition of 2 wings of Old Nursing Home Annex; report of the County Farm Pole Barn that collapsed last year; providing firewood; Ash Borer update; discussion of how the quarantine process worked to isolate the Ash Borer; wood processor and pole barn use;

1:41:41 Business Offices handling of the Department of corrections overtime pay- (Background- incidences of HOC staff not being properly compensated for overtime pay) Commissioner Sorensen announces employee and Commissioner awards;