Government Oversite

Welcome to the Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting from 11/20/13. Commissioners: David Babson, David Sorensen and Asha Kenney collectively administer the business of the County. The Board exercises budgetary control over County operations and prepares the annual budget for the approval by the County Delegation. The Board met at the County Administration Building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and began this meeting at 8:30am.

00:01 County Commissioners announce- Non Public per 91a.3 Para. 2. (C) and 91a.3 Para. 2 (a); motion; 2nd; roll call vote;

00:58 Meeting reconvenes in public at 10:25am: review of Commissioners budget; commissioners travel expenses;

02:37 County Attorney; telephone line adjustment; out of state extraditions; Sheriff County Attorney cost sharing regarding extraditions;

05:30 Victim Witness; grant money; explanation of grant process; salary; travel and education; telephone; office supplies; of budget; $26,500; change in salary; .40 cents hourly;

11:38 Sheriff department budget; Sheriff dispatch- changes; electric; towers; heat; generators; computer expense; dispatch upgrades; discussion of grant funding; uniform allowance; radio communication expenses; tower rent; batteries; Kenney communications tower rental; Bear peak; dispatch maintenance; antenna installation- blind areas; Sorensen proposes a contingency fund for unforeseen needs; grant fund process; photo copier expense; discussion- porters copier contract; spare patrol car; Babson- grant funding Home Land Security; NH Emergency state grant- what happens if grant funding doesn't materialize; discussion- grant process; 4 consoles; splitting frequencies;

37:20 Registrar of Deeds- Anne Aiton, post office visits; salary- Director objects to 40 cent increase; merit increases; efficiency;

46:22 Clerk- Commissioner, Asha Kenney, safe; Kenney discusses adding money for electronic filing system; Babson- discusses Bucco NH house bill regarding electronic file storage;

52:00 Maintenance, Will Dewitt; sewer; requests NP;

52:47 HOC, Jason Johnson; grounds maintenance; salt and sanding; trash removal; dumpster fees; insurance rate increases; values are going up- insurance is going up; Sorensen- food farm production; freeze storage; collaboration between Farm and HOC;

59:30 Will Dewitt, Farm: fuel cost; annual payment for wood processor; new equipment; chain sharpening cost; hay rake;

1:04:54 Discussion of adding $2,000 to Blue Loon Bus Service; Carroll County Transport; Commission by consensus does not want to give 2,000 to Blue Loon Bus Service;

1:14:17 Howard Chandler, MVC: non metered propane use for old nursing home; education conferences; training; LPN training; dietary- uniforms; salaries for administration staff; infection control; dietary- uniforms; serve safe books; nursing department- education conferences; nursing shortage; cost of training; training program; medical supplies and service; recreation bus, Van and truck; care of grounds; discussion- age of busses; house keeping; linen cleaner; donations from outside sources;

1:29:07 Sorensen- complains that the pancakes offered during the commissioners Breakfast, were too dry; recognizing Becky Mason;

1:32:33 Kenney- reports on a contract that Sorensen signed with New HR Director which was more then originally voted upon; Kenney gives details of agreement; discussion of contract; Sorenson offers a motion to add $2,000 to next years budget to cover the new HR salary agreement; Babson and Sorensen accuse Kenney of missing employee evaluations;

1:40:11 Discussion- NP minute storage; storage safe; up stairs vault; who has access?

1:46:12 November 13, minute review; corrections;

1:54:28 Public comment- Mellisa Seamans, Carroll County Independent; Non Profit Status for the MVC trail committee; fiscal agents; IRS requirements; Jail Captain new hire- conditional offer- Jason Henry, from Merrimack HOC; electronic file storage; record retention policy; budget item for electronic file storage; delegation involvement; Babson reports on the crushed glass stored at the Wakefield Transfer Station; type of glass available for trail construction;

1:59:52 Commission goes into non public; 91a 3 para 2 a; motion; 2nd; roll call vote;