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Welcome to the Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting from 11/27/13. Commissioners: David Babson, David Sorensen and Asha Kenney collectively administer the business of the County. The Board exercises budgetary control over County operations and prepares the annual budget for the approval by the County Delegation. The Board met at the County Administration Building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and began this meeting at 8:30 am.

00:20 Non Public regarding staff compensation. 91a: 3 Para. 2a

00:15 Back in public; minutes were not sealed and will be released; Commission votes to add $30,000 to budget for electronic file storage; addition of funds for Farm budget- $20,000 snow plow equipment; discussion- non public minute safe; commission adds 5,000 to capital reserve fund for safe; Court Bailiffs salaries compensation; discussion- full time versus part time bailiffs; HR Generalist hourly versus salary; Kenney states HR Generalist has no HR experience;

14:50 Sheriff, Domenic Richardi arrives to answer questions about Deputy Sheriff compensation; Court Deputies;

21:11 Sheriff Richardi discusses changes to his budget- Discusses a larger Homeland Security Grant Click Here to visit Homeland Security with surrounding towns- $700,000- $1.2 million; Clarifies Federal grant covering a 3 year project to upgrade communication system; 100% Federally funded grant; Belknap and Cheshire County has also applied for this grant;

30:27 Kenney proposes that any increases and bonuses should be announced in public; Kenney also requests that any increase should be voted on by all three commissioners; Babson reiterates that the vote was taken in the most recent Non Public meeting; Sorensen reports that the Non Public minutes were not sealed and will be released to the public;

33:42 Commission approves budget of: 2014 with corrections, additions added to capital reserve; 5,000 for safe; 30,000 for electronic file handling system; 20,000 for a plow truck; total- 1.7 million. Kenney votes in the negative; budget passes.

34:50 Review of previous meeting minutes; corrections;

46:15 Wynette Degroot, HR Director, requests a clarification regarding the word "Contract" and to replace it with "agreement"; discussion- details of agreement; Kenney argues with fellow Commissioners regarding the negotiated salary compensation of HR Director Wynette Degroot; Babson fires back, commenting that the board voted to give negotiation authorization to Sorenson; Sorenson previously made a motion of $53,000 reports Kenney as the previous videotaped meeting captured; Kenney reports that Sorensen on his own, agreed to raise this amount without the other board members;

53:00 Commission moves again into Non Public to discuss compensation to employees; 91:a 3 para 2 a, c. roll call vote.

53:26 Commission is back in public- Non public minutes have been sealed; Sorensen reports that while he is away his signature stamp will not be used to pay bills; Kenney reports that signature stamps will no longer will be used;

54:40 Anne Hamilton, University of New Hampshire (UNH), arrives with Ken LaValley, Assistant director of programs- to discuss budget and University of New Hampshire- UNH programs; Babson discusses Milfoil Invasive species; DRED, Department of Resources and Economic Development; demonstrating UNH regional model; educational resources; program participation; Statewide model; requests continued support of the Extension; Field Specialists; Babson- painting of research vessel; UNH meetings with all 10 County Commissions; discussion- structure of UNH Cooperative Extension; importance of measuring metrics; water quality monitoring; lake water monitoring; spotted wing (drosophillia) Click here to learn about the insect insect issue effecting blueberries; Anne Hamilton- offers invitation to event regarding cross regional programs; cooking; parenting; financial; Nutrition and gardening;

1:16:52 Al Jones and Meredith Roy of Inter local trust, discussion- 700,000 claim amount; participation in the trust; wellness programs; not for profit company; Click here to visit the Inter-local Trust website; make up of board; funding reserves; claims;Inter local Trust; discussion of holiday season exercise program; registering county employees; Trust Bucks Program; police department treadmill; nutrition 101; smoothy demonstration; fitness assessments; BMI monitoring; creating new challenges to promote wellness; wellness fair; Inter local trust- discussion of new County walking path; plans to reduce health care costs; Georgia County Government; HRA- healthcare consumerism education; SAVON Click here to visit SAVON involvement of Obama Care, also known as ACA or Affordable Healthcare Act; reports that next year- 30 hours a week is a full time employee under ACA