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Welcome to the Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting from 12/23/13. Commissioners: David Babson, David Sorensen and Asha Kenney collectively administer the business of the County. The Board exercises budgetary control over County operations and prepares the annual budget for the approval by the County Delegation. The Board met at the County Administration Building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and began this meeting at 10:07 am.

Video Analysis: Processing

00:01 Introductions; Tom LaPezzo; Mike Davey; Energy Audit; EEi; (E)nergy (E)fficient (I)nvestments; CLICK HERE TO VISIT EEi WEBSITE small energy contractor; energy improvements; EEi profit model; free energy study; assessing building fuel type; bench mark buildings; energy performance;

05:00 Commitment agreements; initial study; RFP’s; goals of energy contracts; City of Manchester; City of Portsmouth; developing a cost neutral project; energy savings funding the improvements over time; School energy study in Portsmouth; rebates and grants; tax free municipal lease; NH Association of Counties energy pool; wood pellet; propane; electric rates; targeted electric savings; LED; comparisons- LED versus Fluorescent;

10:00 Tax neutral program; pay pack period; solar and wind projects; federal tax credits; LED conversion; 3-10 year payback; 10-12 year pay back; state funds; federal rural communities fund; Regional Green House Gas fund; (RGGi); 35% install cost; increasing renewables; wood pellet installation at jail; wind study;

15:00 Solar data; wind data; projecting solar revenues; Cheshire County Honeywell; maplewood nursing home project; EEi largest independent energy management company; 140 employees; Canton Massachusetts; Providence Rode Island; Plymouth Mass. County Prison; Belmont High school project; energy budgeting; energy improvement project; small wind turbine use;

20:00 Small wind turbine use; attributed payback; wind data areas- Seacoast; Chesterfield; Keen; electric water pump; timeline- phase 1; considering energy upgrades just before County Budget is reviewed by Delegation; building envelope improvements; reducing energy loss;

25:00 County buildings using propane; extending pellet boiler heat to laundry; EEi process; energy bill review; phase 2 audit; open book pricing; construction;

30:00 Commission agrees to review the EEi presentation materials; Jim Richardson; Public Health Advisory Council; Jennifer Selfridge; Carroll County Coalition of public health; report of Council meeting; Babson attended; flu clinic; Seasonal flue vaccination; 680 children; 39% without insurance; underinsured determination; Babson- “that’s twisting the definition of the uninsured” County participation; background of program; participating schools; Grant funding from the immunization bureau; medical reserve core; region wide; description of participation; Kennet;

35:00 Richardson- some school nurses did not support the program because vaccinations should be the decision of parents; State assumes liability; liability insurance VNA- Moultonboro; using free and reduced lunch to determine which students should be approached with vaccinations; no charge to parents; CDC; NH Universal Vaccination State; NH Health Regions; target priority areas; CDC contracted with Company out of Texas to administer Flu clinic; unsuccessful due to registering online; insufficient internet services; NH tradition of not liking outsiders; reducing absenteeism; process of giving vaccinations in schools;

40:00 Partnerships; Public Health Advisor Council; Jennifer Selfridge; funding; substance misuse prevention coordinator; new position; funded through Carroll County Coalition of Health; Bureau Of Drug and Alcohol Services; NH Charitable Foundation; previous entity was a combined Carroll County, Belknap County entity- Lakes Region, Mt. Washington Valley; Community Health Institute; substance abuse issues; Treatment; Valery Morgan; intervention and treatment; substance misuse initiative;

45:00 Substance misuse initiative; Selfridge- the work plan; NH initiative: Life of An Athlete- subsidized program; Government; Law Enforcement; leadership team establishment; inclusion of County Commissioners on team; Sorensen gives a history of when he was on the team. Sorensen, “had a problem with team not having state authority;

50:00 H1N1; Emergency Management directors; public health events; NH State Combining Emergency Preparedness Grant, Drug and Alcohol prevention abuse grant and the Little School Flu clinic grant; RFP; coalition was awarded grant; medical reserve corps; Emergency Management Directors; encouraging more County involvement; Closed Pod site; MVC; County Jail; providing resources; public health regions;

55:00 County Government public services; State RFP’s regarding the ; POD’s Points of dispensing; Closed POD’s; CDC coordinations; reasons for POD’s; multiple dose vaccines; MVC; HOC- closed pods; cold change storage; State listing of a closed POD sights; Low Flow Oxygen; oxygen generators; State exercises;

1:00:00 Safety and security plan; County Sheriff’s Department designee; Lt. Santuccio; trailer storage; evacuation plans; Nursing Home evacuation plan review; Chief Chuck Wolford provision parole, asks to speak to Sorensen after meeting; Howard Chandler MVC resident population report; 5 star Nursing Home accreditation; 10 day bed hold; cost saving measures; physician services; laboratory services;

1:05:00 consultant physician services; pharmacy services; improving services; in house optometry; Dermatology Services; process of dermatologist services; 01:06:47 camera battery change coordinating big volume items to combined purchases; State purchasing versus County purchasing; Work Session HR Director Wynette Degroot, gives report on coffee makers;

1:10:00 Reducing burden on MVC staff providing Coffee during meetings; putting profits towards spring recognition awards; departments employee gathering; department collaborating; Check signing procedure ; Babson- process of check signing; noting Kenney does not leave a note describing why she didn’t sign a specific check; Wynette’s expenses; credit card invoice; other travel expenses; Babson complains he is “chasing his tail” 4th Quarter expenses;

1:15:00 4th Quarter expenses; Kenney addresses why checks are not being signed; checks not available to be signed; Babson complains that Kenney is not visiting the Complex frequently enough; Babson relates he received a phone call about a travel expense that was not paid; no receipt; 202.00; documentation must accompany the invoice;

1:20:00 Documentation must accompany the invoice; Babson complains to the Chairman that Kenney has “belittled” the Assistant HR Director; interview panel letter;

1:25:00 Kenney explains her position regarding the HR Generalists qualifications and the history of events pertaining to Babson’s complaint; Mellisa Seamans, Carroll County Independent yells point of order; Seamans objects to the commission openly discussing employee’s during a public meeting; SPY GLASS CORP applications and needed information; RFP’s; County Corrections shift differential pay Public Comment Seamans approaches the commission with several verbal 91a Right to Know requests;

1:30:00 Ambulance contract for the Jail; Ossipee; Care Plus Ambulance Service; motion to accept the Care Plus Ambulance Contract; 2nd; passes unanimously; Kenney discusses a County Lawsuit; Former employee from Nursing Home (Barbara Woodburne)

1:35:00 Kenney discusses a telephone call regarding the Woodburne Lawsuit; Seamans inquires if there is an invoice from the attorney regarding the Woodburne Suit; signature stamps; Kenney is asked about her signature stamp; check signing procedure;

1:40:00 Check signing procedure; Babson explains the process of check signing;

1:42:20 Non Public meeting minutes from March 27th not being sealed; Seamans reports on the Delegation meeting she attended where she witnessed a meeting behind closed doors between Babson, Sorensen and Wynette Degroot; Sorensen explains;

1:45:00 Kenney states she was left out of the meeting; Wynette Degroot explains that the meeting was to discuss a Christmas party and coffee makers; Kenney describes another time when Commissioner Sorensen objected to having a quorum; Sorensen and Degroot were discussing policies and Kenney was told it was not appropriate for her to attend the discussion;

1:50:00 Seamans calls the meeting between Babson, Sorensen and Degroot an illegal meeting; Babson requests that Kenney explain why she didn’t sign a check reimbursement for Wynette Degroot employee travel; Kenney- Wynette Degroot’s compensation may already be higher then agreed to, therefore she may not be eligible for travel reimbursement; argument ensues and Sorensen calls Kenney out of order; Rosemary Landry comments about the flu vaccines; Commission goes into Non Public per 91a 3 para. 2 c, e, para. 2, a, c,