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Welcome to the NH Carroll County Superior Court 1/21/14. Honorable Steven Houran presides over a hearing to decide whether an emergency Injunction or Ex Parte will continue in force. The Emergency Injunction was initiated by Ed Comeau of and Seth Hipple of Martin and HIpple, P.L.L.C. Click here to visit website to prevent the County Commissioners from disposing or destroying documents that would be available to the public through a Right to Know request. The hearing began at 9:00am, 96 Water Village Rd, Ossipee

Video Analysis: Completed

Encrypted Analysis: ACfHqGxO7R8SsJh6dOF44XhF094SydwN

00:01 Ossipee NH; Carroll County Superior Court; Judge Steven Houran; Ex Parte order DOCKET NO: 212-2014- CV- 00008 Temporary injunction preventing the County and its Commissioners from destroying or disposing document and other records; January 14, 2014; Judge Peter H. Fauver; Attorney Liz Bailey, County representation; Commissioners, David Babson, David Sorensen and Asha Kenney are asked by Judge Houran if they agree that the injunction should remain in place; Seth Hipple, representing Ed Comeau;

05:00 Motion entered to release the Non Public meeting minutes of January 15, 2014; Hipple briefs the court on details; discussion in Non Public regarding destruction or removal of County documents; Liz Bailey, Representing Carroll County, makes comments on motion practice; leaked information; 10 day response in writing; written pleadings; Judge Houran discusses hearing scheduling; time frame; Hipple asks for a full day; complicated issue; calling 4- 5 witnesses; Bailey- clearing up issues ahead of the hearing; usual durations of Right to Know cases.