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Welcome to the Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting from 1/22/14. Commissioners: David Babson, David Sorensen and Asha Kenney collectively administer the business of the County. The Board exercises budgetary control over County operations and prepares the annual budget for the approval by the County Delegation. The Board met at the County Administration Building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and began this meeting at 8:30 am.

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00:01 Public input; Steve Brown, Wakefield resident- County Administrator versus HR Director; HR director attending Commissioners meetings when not on agenda; review of previous meeting minutes 1/15/14; corrections;

05:00 Corrections and discussion of meeting minutes of 1/15/14; Comeau injunction; Comeau petition; signing checks; Babson objects to minutes stating that he signs reimbursement checks for a personal friend; Kenney states she said Commissioner Babson signs “checks for his girlfriend” Babson doesn’t want the statement giving the impression that he is doing something illegal; Kenney discusses the statements made by Sorensen and Babson regarding disposal of County records are not in the meeting minutes of 1/15/14;

10:00 Addition of Babson and Sorensen’s comments regarding the disposal of County records; Kenney objects to how the minutes read; Babson requests that Steve Browns entire comment be added to the minutes when he charged Sorensen with lying; Steve Brown asks for a point of order; Sorensen does not recognize Brown;

15:00 Corrections and Additions to 1/15/14 meeting minutes; Representative Buco; Legislation; Babson comments to Kenney regarding an accusation that he was recording a non public meeting with his iPad; Kenney objects to him adding statements that was not spoken; argument ensues;

20:00 Corrections and additions to 1/15/14 non public meeting minutes; non public meeting minutes of 1/8/14; attorney and client discussions; meeting with attorney was a non meeting; no adjournment of meeting; tabling of meeting minutes; status of energy audit; ENE; scheduling energy audit; Jail phone contract; rebidding; trash contract bidding; expires in August 2014;

25:00 Document destruction injunction; waste management; Brown, Seamans; documents being disposed of or destroyed; status of Capt. Fowlers investigation; no comment; mission statement; Wynette Degroot; PiF technologies; DOC STAR Jim Randazzo; company overview; Hookset NH; signal product; municipalities; schools; central repository; Hillsboro county;

30:00 Kathy Garry; Doc Star software demonstration; existing County paper filing system; Registry of Deeds; Jail; Administration building; County Attorney; document retrieval; sustainability; safe compliant environment; controlling paper; accessibility; misfiling; preventing theft; labor costs for manual filing;

35:00 Labor costs for manual filing; moving documents electronically; stamping electronically; accounts payable; AP clerk; electronic signatures; segregating documents; legal original documents; time and date stamps; revisions; saving documents; backing up data; Bethlehem Pennsylvania; Andover Massachusetts; printing; document retention; life cycle of documents; naming conventions; templates; purging documents; destroying original documents;

40:00 Transferring data if no longer using Doc Star system; society moving to electronic forms of data storage; building templates to handle retrieval; process of filing documents; controlling accessibility to documents; audit trail; emailed; date and times; invoices; viewing invoices and adding annotations or notes; redacting information; emailing documents with annotations; government efficiency and compliant;

45:00 Paper versus electronic documents; generating invoices; adding emails into Doc Star; lack of internet access; scanning hard copies into Doc Star;

50:00 Bill of Lading; P.O.; invoices; improving not changing document handling process; examples for accounts payable and receivable; users of Doc Star; approval stamps; naming convention; print; email; fax;

55:00 Doc Star program examples; crawl, walk, run; program license details; Doc Star servers versus existing servers; definition of users; how many employees on the system at one time;

1:00:00 Next steps; complaints; cost of hardware; John Rich, IT consultant; servers; software upgrades; maintenance agreement; software upgrades; scanners; network scanners; loading software on servers and computers; SPY GLASS Telephone call delay cost of licenses; 695.00 per license per additional license; leasing versus purchase; 13.00 per month; terms; 28.00 12, 36 months;

1:05:00 Terms; 28.00 12, 36 months; Records room; personnel needed to input or send documents through scanners; back filing; building customized templets; how existing county documents can be handled;

1:10:00 Properly back filing existing documents; details of building templates; Doc Star professional service teams; invoice examples; naming convention; Napa invoices; adding notes to electronic documents; annotations;

1:15:00 How templates control access; example- County Attorney; Wynette Degroot; personnel records; next steps; John Rich I.T. consultation; scanners; loading software; server; department choice; building customized templates; cost of using Doc Star;

1:20:00 Cost of using Doc Star; optional backup; 750.00 annually; maintenance contract; standard maintenance agreement; cost of agreement tied to initial solution; 15 -18% of solution; upgrades and support; first year is free; questions from the public; Steve Brown; back filing costs; historic record being lost; losing electronic information if Doc Star no longer exists;

1:25:00 Losing electronic information if Doc Star no longer exists; choosing what documentation to back file; Brown- pricing details; pricing tied to licenses;

1:30:00 Pricing tied to licenses; JASON JOHNSON, HOC population report; offender law library; 3 year contract; lease increase cost; renewal of lease; West Law; combining contract with Attorney’s Office; Nexus Lexus;

1:35:00 Lexus Nexus; West Law monthly bill; annually 33.86; expires March 2014; Sargent Mike Baker; networking with Merrimack County HOC training ; biohazard; assault; mental health crisis; online training contracted services; elective training; mandated training; Relius learning; tracking training hours; present costs of training 24,000.00; Relius course 7,591.00 for 400 hours of accredited training; proposals; immediate contract; Baker gives price details and cost savings;

1:40:00 Baker gives price details and cost savings; current practices; set up fee; involvement of other county agencies; 15 additional slots for law enforcement; Sheriff department use; HR classes;

1:45:00 Relius online classes; other courses; HR; management courses; Sullivan Strafford and Merrimack; updated lesson plans; in house instructors; mandated training;

1:50:00 Tracking training hours process; NH Association of Counties; Kenney requests course descriptions; February 1st; MOTION NON PUBLIC PER 91:a 3, PARA 2 a Roll Call; RETURN TO PUBLIC Sorensen announces that the Jail Escape report will be released to fulfill a 91 a requested by Ed Comeau of

1:55:00 SPY GLASS CORP telephone conference; set- up

2:00:00 SPY GLASS CORP telephone conference; analysis of telephone; long distance; internet; billing errors; fairpoint; monthly penalties; savings analysis;

2:05:00 Summary page; current cost; new cost; Sheriff account; 27 cents a minute; 40 cents a minute; shortfall penalties hitting all accounts since 2010; Spy Glass financial consultation; 3 year agreement with Fairpoint to remove penalties;

2:10:00 Spy Glass savings process; penalties accruing since 2010; implementing contract; new rates for 3 year contract; negotiation with Fairpoint; monthly commitment; PUC rates;

2:15:00 History of long distance; based on 2 month averages; February and March statement review; internet service review; local phone lines; County maintained Time Warner Cable; Bay Ring internet provider; creating inventory for billing; inactive lines; elimination of unused lines;

2:20:00 Elimination of unused lines; details of contract; switch outbound lines; PRi circuit; T1 lines; Centrex phone line; description of different phone lines;

2:25:00 Spy Glass Corp representative asks what is the process to decide on using the consultation service; eliminating the shortfall penalties; Steve Brown comments that the analysis includes Fairpoint; Brown says: “just get rid of Fairpoint”

2:30:00 Moving to a different carrier; assistance from Spy Glass, Corp; “having emotion with existing carriers; reliability of existing systems; focus of long distance;

2:35:00 Spy Glass- identifying problems; Fairpoint possibly refunding penalties; inter state County calls; Sheriff department calls;

2:40:00 Recommending provider changes; HOC intra state calls; discussion of contract with Spy Glass, Corp; signed agreement with Spy Glass; Commissioner Sorensen signed the agreement;

2:45:00 Kenney asks for clarification of agreement; Commission discusses the Spy Glass agreement; Babson considers not using Spy Glass unethical due to the agreement already signed; Commission deliberates;

2:50:00 Fairpoint; commitments with Spy Glass Corp; discussion- signed agreement details; services going out to bid; bidding process; Steve Brown- soliciting bids for telephone rates;

2:55:00 Steve Brown- soliciting bids for telephone rates; public assists in deliberating and gives comment; Brown- Spy Glass Corp business model; auditing the phone services by County;

3:00:00 Releasing the Jail Escape investigation report; 91:a Request; County Attorney review of report; Jason Johnson review of report; Kenney objects to the release of the Jail Escape Investigation report; **MOTION TO RELEASE THE JAIL REPORT INVESTIGATION; 2ND; Babson- YES, Sorensen- Yes, Kenney votes NO; Kenney announces a Sheriff Department credit card charge to Victoria Secrets;

3:05:00 Charges for movies; Kenney- check signing; Sorensen signing his own checks; PUBLIC INPUT Mellisa Seamans, Carroll County Independent; the Seamans 91a request for the Jail Escape Report; 91a requests initiated by legal council versus no legal council; unfair treatment;

3:10:00 Seamans- unfair treatment in regards to 91a requests; Seamans requests Kenney state which statutory exemptions she is quoting in her decision not to release the report; Brown- HOC online training and the militarizing of correction officers; transporting inmates; recent legislative changes allowing Corrections Officers to act as Law Enforcement; Homeland Security involvement; Brown requests that the January 15, 2014 minutes need to have his comments corrected; regarding Browns statement accusing Sorensen of lying; Brown- date of lie January 18th, 2012;