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Welcome to the Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting from 1/29/14. Commissioners: David Babson, David Sorensen and Asha Kenney collectively administer the business of the County. The Board exercises budgetary control over County operations and prepares the annual budget for the approval by the County Delegation. The Board met at the County Administration Building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and began this meeting at 8:30 am.

Video analysis: COMPLETE

Encrypted analysis: L49570q497Sm193476QnaJE5qrGeaavA

00:01 Review of meeting minutes of January 15, 2014; previously tabled; agenda items; work session; jail telephone contract; mission statement; annual report; discussion of non public minutes; Janet Sullivan response letter; Kenney; Cheryl Laurent; Liz Bailey; review of corrections to minutes of January 15, 2014; Kenney’s requested corrections regarding being misquoted; page 7 ;

05:00 Steve Brown’s requested correction regarding an accusation that Commissioner Sorensen has lied; Kenney accuses Michele Hamilton, Administrative assistant, of adding Carroll County Independent reporter, Mellisa Seaman’s comments in the minutes, but not putting Steve Brown’s comments in the minutes; Kenney objects to Hamilton “using her own words” when adding her verbiage to the minutes; Babson questions responsibility of determining public non public information; 91:a;

10:00 Discussion of Kenney’s corrections; Babson objects to Kenney’s interpretation and or determination that a public issue was discussed in non public; evaluation; pertaining to destroying documents; Kenney refers to the January 15th minutes regarding Steve Browns public comment regarding the disposal and or destruction of County documents; motion to accept corrected minutes; 2nd; Babson- yes; Sorensen- yes; Kenney- no; review of January 22, 2014 meeting minutes;

15:00 page 4 of 6 Sorensen adds that the reason for going into Non Public is not stated in the minutes; page 4 saving $7,500 per year; page 2 emergency injunction; Waste Management Contract versus a discussion regarding arrangements to dispose and or destruct County records; Kenney accuses Sorensen of misrepresenting the facts as recorded in the minutes of Jan. 15, 2014 regarding the arrangement of disposal and or destruction of County records; Babson corroborates Sorensen’s accounting of what was said; Kenney strongly objects; Babson access to website; weather related closing; page 3 annual maintenance fees regarding Doc Star, electronic document handling company;

20:00 Doc Star yearly maintenance fee; Offender Law Library; yearly increase in fee; 1% per year; Babson- Motion to accept January 22, 2014 minutes as corrected; Sorensen- 2nd; Babson- yes; Sorensen- yes; Kenney- no; Sorensen makes clear to Hamilton to be sure the “reason” for the non public is stated in the minutes; Babson reports on the Delegation Subcommittee on the Commissioners budget; MVC Delegation Subcommittee; Sorensen asks Kenney if she was aware that their were subcommittee meetings; Kenney reports she was ill and did not attend; Kenney reports on a meeting she attended for economic development; North Conway; the Subcommittee meeting on regional appropriations; the performance audit; Matrix;

25:00 Cost of performance audit; additional $7,000; total $27,000; Will DeWitt, Farm Supervisor reports; picking up farm day sign; wood processing; wood shortage; ice damaged trees; 50 cords short; purchasing wood; moving $1,000; process of moving $1,000; same line item; returning funds to surplus; seasoning wood; customer demand for wood;

30:00 DeWitt recommends purchasing wood and processing 50 cords; Babson- use remaining funds to purchase wood; Babson motions to purchase additional wood; Kenney 2nd for discussion; unanimous; yard truck purchase; existing truck with broken frame; DeWitt requests a one ton dump truck;

35:00 Used 5- $10,000; Sorenson advises requesting $12,000 from the Delegation; Sorensen motions to request $12,000 for a 2nd hand one ton dump truck; Babson 2nd; discussion of truck details; vote unanimous; Mark Mcconkey; maintenance of back hoe; wood processor;

40:00 Tri County Cap heating assistant wood; forestry management plan; Jason Johnson, HOC() RFP for HOC phone system; flat fee of $1,400; maintaining revenues; 57 international calls; 5 year analysis;

45:00 5 underutilized day room phone lines; 3 years with a 5 year renewal option; jail management package; Babson request that Mike Connor speak to the department heads regarding the phone system contract; DSi contract is now month to month; Kenney is concerned about signing a 5 year contract;

50:00 State presentation on HOC phone system; online training program; Johnson recants other counties usage of Relius online training program; Johnson states the contract is 84 month; the longer the contract the cheaper the rate; Law Library contract; 3 year contract; Work Session() ; annual report drafts;

55:00 Babson reminds the other two commissioners that if they call each other on the phone and discuss the mission statement it would be considered an illegal meeting, so he didn’t contact anyone; mission statement drafts; Wynette Degroot, HR, discussion of a scheduled phone conference call with Attorney Closson 10:30 am; Attorney Liz Bailey 11:00am;

1:00:00 Non Public per 91-a: 3, para. 2, a; Sheriff; Sorensen motions; Babson 2nd; roll call; Kenney- yes, Babson- yes, Sorensen- yes; return into public ;recess discussion; Sorensen to Hamilton: reason for going into non public on January 8th?; personnel; Kenney strongly and abruptly objects to the performance of Hamilton as minute taker; Hamilton’s laptop personal computer; Kenney is strongly concerned about the security of the non public minutes stored in Hamilton’s personal computer while at her other job;

1:05:00 Sorensen directs Hamilton to retype minutes; Kenney demands to see what the changes are; Sorensen: “I’m trying to show you” Babson: “your running your mouth” Babson tosses his copy of the changes over to Kenney; Babson: “Here they are- stop talking about it” Jan. 8th minutes will be addressed at next meeting; Sorensen announces that there will be no minutes for the non meeting with the Attorneys; Sorensen announces that the Sheriff will be returning to speak about the non public discussion that mistakingly was a public topic;

1:10:00 Law Library; West Law; 1% increase each of the 3 years; previous agreement renewal; Motion to renew Law Library contract; 2nd; unanimous; discussion of online Relius training program; Sorensen signs the Law Library contract renewal; length of contract;

1:15:00 Sorensen reads a letter of recommending the online training program; Babson is concerned with the 84 month contract; Babson wants a opt out clause; Feb. 1st; Feb.12th; renewal dates;

1:20:00 Kenney recants the past Cybertron bidding process; Kenney objects and wants the online training program contract be put out to bid; Sorensen motions to accept the contract if an opt out clause can be added with 60 days notification; Babson 2nd; Babson and Sorensen- yes, Kenney- no; non unanimous motion triggers going out to bid; Jail phone system contract; Mike Connors; Spy Glass Audit Agreement discussion and deliberation of agreement details;

1:25:00 Spy Glass Audit Agreement discussion and deliberation of agreement details; $7,500 savings per year; annual savings; Babson comments that “Kenney brings up some good points” Babson wants some guaranteed savings; Motion to table the contract with Spy Glass Corp; 2nd; unanimous to table; Jason Johnson, HOC, enters delegation room and asks why the online training contract was voted to go out to bid;

1:30:00 Johnson objects to the bidding process after he has done due diligence; Johnson requests a reconsideration; Kenney recants another time when she voted to waive a bid and feels a mistake was made; Jail Camera system; Babson voted yes, but wants an opt out assurance;

1:35:00 Kenney wants the online training program out to bid; Johnson states the camera system was the only other time he requested a waive of the bidding process; investigative reports; Kenney discusses the agenda item regarding the teleconference with attorney Liz Bailey; Babson points out that Kenney left the room during the teleconference;

1:40:00 Kenney discusses conversations with other County Commissioners and how they process non public minutes; Kenney again objects to the fact that non public minutes are being processed outside the County Complex; Wynette Degroot; truck RFP regarding disposal of records; Babson recounts the discussion was in non public; Degroot resists discussing issue further; Sorensen warns Kenney about mentioning non public discussions in public; Kenney Continues and Sorensen calls Kenney out of order; Kenney announces a 91-a: request submitted by Mellisa Seamans, Carroll County Independent; “Babson’s cheat sheets”- (form for completing non public minutes);

1:45:00 Kenney discusses Seamans Right to Know request; Kenney asks which RSA statutes allows Degroot to hold non public minutes; Kenney intimates that she is the clerk and keeper of minutes; Babson corrects Kenney- the RTK requesting his sheets will be turned over to Seamans;

1:50:00 Sheriff Domenic Richardi enters chambers; discusses the public issue mistakenly discussed in non public; K9 dog edge; cancer; working dog foundation; replacement K9; Grant; confidence is hight that the Sheriff would get the grant;

1:55:00 Dog handler; handler process; training for new handler; drug; search; head trauma; Lake View searches; school drug sweeps; Old Nursing Home as training center; Freedom K9; Portsmouth training;

2:00:00 Sorensen recaps that he thought it was non public due to the handlers and the K9’s are county ; opera house in Rochester; Working dog foundation benefit; Babson announces on Thursday’s 3rd department head meeting; Jail telephone state contract process; Available state purchasing for non profits;

2:05:00 Sorensen motions to give the entire commission access to the non public meeting minutes stored by Kenney; Argument ensues; Sorensen repeats the motion; 2nd; Babson- yes, Sorensen- yes, Kenney- Nay.