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Welcome to the Carroll County NH Commissioners meeting from 2/19/14. Commissioners: David Babson, David Sorensen and Asha Kenney collectively administer the business of the County. The Board exercises budgetary control over County operations and prepares the annual budget for the approval by the County Delegation. The Board met at the County Administration Building, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee and began this meeting at 8:30 am.

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00:01 David Babson; David Sorensen; Michelle Hamilton; Asha Kenney; review of previous meeting minutes; Feb. 12, 2014 meeting minutes; Feb. 5, 2014 meeting minutes; Motion to accept minutes of Feb. 5, 2014; 2nd; unanimous; review of non public minutes of Feb. 12, 2014; motion to accept Non Public Feb. 12, 2014; 2nd- discussion of placeholder minutes; Babson- yes; Sorensen- yes; Kenney- no; Commission unseals Feb. 12, 2014; 2nd; unanimous;

12:10 Asha Kenney; I.T. service of 194,000; 102,000; 16,000 parts; David Babson; David Sorensen; John Rich; Cybertron; County I.T. billing; I.T. Contract; parts and services; 194,000 versus 102,000;

14:18 Robin Gordin Carroll County Attorney; David Babson; David Sorensen; Asha Kenney; Terrance O’rourke prosecutor resignation; New applicant from Ohio; National Bar association advertising; Waiving in; Character and Fitness committee; Supreme Court; conditional offering; uniform rules of evidence; local rules of evidence; list of experience; Salt Lake City Utah; Police academy; NH Deputy Attorney General; Anne Rice; process of checking reference; National District Attorney’s Association training organization; all expenses paid; Utah location; California week long training; Scholarships; Carroll County Prosecutor retention;

24:05 Dave Gibson, Bayring communications; David Babson; David Sorensen; Asha Kenney; Howard Chandler, Mountain View Community administrator; Lt. Michael Santuccio; Sheriff, Domenic Richardi; existing copper services; Pease; oldest deregulated carrier in Northern New England; New Hampshire; Maine; Massachusetts; Based out of Portsmouth NH; extensive fiber optic network; 3rd party fiber providers; phone; voice over IP; hosted PBX services; data center services; institutional market place; Liberty Mutual client; County compatibility with existing equipment; Strafford County; Fiber optic installations; private fiber builds; trenching; maintenance fees; service model; no up front; leasing fiber optic; linking County buildings; Nursing Home- MVC; County Jail; 6 to 8 months; locating HUB; Sheriff’s Department location of HUB; Bayring is a complete provider to Strafford and Rockingham Counties; financial planning; high speed internet; fiber optic networks; internet and voice; components of networking installations; telephone handsets; hosted phone products; voicemail; voice over IP; existing Avaya versus NEC components; Sheriff Department; PRI; T1 lines; 200 lines; 20 exchanges; selling existing system to secondary markets; COMLOG recording; HOC; 15 to 20 stations; Howard Chandler; Time Warner; MVC increasing bandwidth; 75 meg line; shared community bandwidth; 50 meg x 50 meg unshared bandwidth; Time Warner Cable television- MVC; John Rich Cybertron; Jason and Henry Johnson HOC; focus on business and government; IP TV providers; Streaming; discussion- MVC existing phone system; Bayring SIP lines at MVC; long range I.T. system plan; Dark Fiber installation; discussion- location of HUB; Administration Building; Climate Control; fire suppression; MVC redundancy lines; Roger Smith, Cabletron; Fiber installation underground versus overhead;

1:14:17 David Babson; David Sorensen; Asha Kenney; Howard Chandler, Mountain View Community administrator; Jason Johnson;Henry Johnson Carroll County HOC; Rob Horace, MVC Director of Dietary; Will Dewitt, Farm Supervisor; charging between HOC and MVC; lunches; 17,000- 18,000 meal cost; employees versus offenders (inmates); total meal counts; Discussion- process of ordering meals; citrus crew (inmates); (offenders); discussion- past process of HOC meal charges; discussion- present process of ordering meals; maintaining accountability; Richardi “I thought we got rid of free meals”; cost of meals; increasing cost of soup; enticing employees that get a free meal to pay for it; Cafe meal revenues; $250 per day; most of my customers are receiving a free meal;

1:35:55 David Babson; David Sorensen; Asha Kenney; Howard Chandler, Mountain View Community administrator; funeral bill totaling 1,898.00; resident unpaid funeral expenses; Lord Funeral Home; Brian Lord; utilizing the Dube fund; special cremation urn; no surviving family members; parameters of Dube fund use; raffle; event to raise money; Smart Funeral Home in Franklin NH; raising bed rate; 2.5% raise; Edna and Ralph Dube;

1:46:00 Will Dewitt, Farm Supervisor; David Babson; David Sorensen; Asha Kenney; County Farm Report; hoop house; 2 part grant; Joan Richards; Olivia agriculture program classes; growers Northern part of NH; start up costs; replacing plastic; maintenance; extending growing season; HOC food committee; ramping up production and preservation; process of accepting grants by the commission; Log cut revenues; firewood; $8,400 towards wood processor payments; buying more log lengths; removing trees- radio tower telecommunications tower; report on existing logging operation; used 1 ton dump truck funding; $12,000; livestock marketing program; Cooperative Extension involvement; turkey; lamb; pig; auction; 4H funds; Will Dewitt, 4H leader;

1:57:17 Jason Johnson;Henry Johnson Carroll County HOC; David Babson; David Sorensen; Asha Kenney; HOC online training program RFP; Relius; HOC population report; 49 in house; 3 out on monitor; 9 transfers; total 61; 10 out of 18; repeat offenders; RFP online training; advertising costs for RFP; NH Association of Counties required training; 7 year contract agreement; Relius Training; Sgt. Baker, HOC; non unanimous commission vote; loss of training program package; law enforcement; 900 Advertising for RFP (request for proposal); escape clause added to opt out; Relius training costs- 33,600; cost of licenses; Strafford and Sullivan Counties using Relius; County Attorney review of contract; discussion of an inmate that was transported to hospital; Bill from Strafford County for a hospital visit; wall mural painted by inmate; Commission goes into non public per 91-a: 3 para 2 (c) HOC, Roll Call vote;

2:19:13 Returned to public session; Commission announced the sealing of NP session; Work Session; David Babson; David Sorensen; Asha Kenney; Subcommittee meeting attendance; Sheriff subcommittee; County audit; 2011; 2012; financial statement; financial audit; incomplete statements; John Lyford financial statements received 2011 adjustments; information not received; Lyford didn’t receive 2012; Tamworth Dental Center; inmate dental costs; policy for setting Commissioners agenda; Wynette Degroot, Human Resource; Mission Statement; 2:32:10Kathy Garry; provided financial statements 2011; 2011 adjustments; 2012 adjustments; year end adjustments; $15,000 versus $50,000;

2:40:17 David Babson; David Sorensen; Asha Kenney; Wynette Degroot; review of Commissioners Mission Statement; Motion to accept the new mission statement; 2nd; unanimous;

2:49:45 David Babson; David Sorensen; Asha Kenney; Spyglass; opt out clause in signed agreement; process of receiving savings; recouping penalties; County is presently paying 40 cents per minute for interstate and 20 cents for intrastate calls; guarantees; $7,500 cost; two most active months; Motion to accept Spyglass not to exceed 7,600; 2nd; Roll Call vote; Babson- yes; Sorensen- yes; Kenney- no.

3:03:00 Commission goes into non public; per 91a: 3 para 2 (c); non public minute review; 2nd; Roll Call vote; Babson- yes, Sorensen- yes, Kenney- yes.