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AGENDA ITEMS: (Quick glance)

ANNOUNCEMENTS: NH Association of Counties awards: Registrar of the year: Lisa Scott; Commissioner of the year: Terry McCarthy; Manifest totals: 10/28/2021; ARPA Funding public meeting;

BUDGET REVIEW: Facilities; Mountain View Community;

ACTIVITY REPORTS: Registrar of Deeds; County Treasurer; Hales Location; Commissioners;

PUBLIC COMMENTS: NH Association of Counties awards; Lack of newspaper reporting; Importance of detailed motions;

MOTIONS: (Quick glance)

ENTER NON PUBLIC: RSA 91-A: 3 II (b) (c) (i) (e)

APPROVE: Deeds equipment search; Public minutes: 10/28/2021; ARPA Funding application notification advertising; Deeds flat file system RFP;

APPOINT: Hales Location broadband Communication District members;

AUTHORIZE: Treasurer signature; Hales Location checks; Admin/Fryeburg Academy;

PHOTO: LR: Commissioners: Matthew Plache; Terry McCarthy; Kim Tessari;