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PHOTO: LR: Commissioner: Matthew Plache; Terry McCarthy;

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00:00:01 AGENDA DETAIL: Meeting identifier

00:00:03 AGENDA DETAIL: Budget: (Vacant positions; CCHOC Security upgrades)

00:05:12 AGENDA DETAIL: Budget: (Budget versions; CCHOC; Sheriff vehicle repair budget)

00:10:00 AGENDA DETAIL: Budget: (Security camera system upgrades: $825,000.00)

00:15:00 AGENDA DETAIL: Budget: (Security installation contractors)

00:18:18 AGENDA DETAIL: Budget:

00:18:18 MOTION DETAILS: APPROVE: Budget: Total: $36,808,983.00;

00:18:57 AGENDA DETAIL: Budget:

00:18:57 MOTION DETAILS: APPROVE: Revenue: $36,808,983.00;

00:19:18 AGENDA DETAIL: Budget:

00:19:18 MOTION DETAILS: APPROVE: Authorize CFO to secure municipal leasing $825,000.00; Carroll County House of Corrections CCHOC; Security camera system upgrades;

00:20:02 AGENDA DETAIL: Non public session:

00:20:02  MOTION DETAILS: (ENTER INTO) Non public session #1: 11/21/2022 RSA 91-A:3 II (c)

MOTION DETAILS: (EXIT) Non public session #1: 11/21/2022 RSA 91-A:3 II (c) STATUS: S

00:21:18 AGENDA DETAIL: Budget:

00:21:18 MOTION DETAILS: APPROVE: Revote: Total budget: $36,808,983.00; Revenue: $36,808,983.00;

00:21:59 AGENDA DETAIL: Adjournment: (12:05)