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Welcome to the Joint Conservation Commission meeting hosted by Moose Mountain Greenways. the towns of Brookfield, New Durham, Farmington, Milton, Middleton and Wolfeboro meet to report on regional Conservation issues. The meeting took place at the Middleton Town Hall, Middleton New Hampshire, November 7, 2013 and it began at 6:30pm.

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Moose Mountains Regional Greenways was founded in 1999 by conservation commissioners and planning board members from the towns of Brookfield, Farmington, Middleton, Milton, New Durham, and Wakefield. The newly-formed group named itself after the Moose Mountains range central to the region. Today this grassroots, membership-driven organization represents a dynamic collaboration between community leaders, private landowners, concerned citizens, and public and private conservation organizations.

Moose Mountain Greenways Board of Directors: Art Slocum (Chair), Cynthia Wyatt (Vice Chair), Jon Batson (Treasurer), Dawn Evans (Secretary), Bruce Rich, Dan Coons, Steve Panish, Dulcie Lavender, Cyndi Paulin and Lorrie Drake.

MMRG, Staff: Virginia C Long - Executive Director, Keith Fletcher - Director of Land Conservation, Kari Lygren - Education Coordinator