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Welcome to the Carroll County Delegation meeting. The Delegation are all the State House Representatives within the County. They met at the County Complex, 95 Water Village Rd, Ossipee on 10/21/13 and it began at 9:00 am

00:30 Dorothy Solomon request that the discussion regarding the Old Nursing Home Annex be addressed as soon as possible. Guest speakers that arrived to support the idea of converting two of the old nursing home wings into Veterans shelter have limited time; Melissa Seamans, Carroll County Independent, asks if it would be appropriate for

01:28 Review of previous meeting minutes; Motion made to approve- Butler; June 17, 2013; Lavender 2nd's; Motion passes unanimously; Previous meeting can be found here click here

04:08 Introductions: Bill Nelson; Cyndi White; Glenn Cordelli; Karel Crawford; Gene Chandler; Ed Butler; Karen Umberger; Mark McConkey; Ed Bucco; Tom Lavender; Susan Ticehurst; Harry Merrow; Ted Wright; Commissioners David Babson, David Sorensen, Asha Kenney;

07:09 David Sorensen presents letters of interests to use the wings of the old nursing home annex; previous motions made directing the commissioners to provide an RFP to the Delegation;

13:43 Dorothy Solomon presents to the Delegation two wings being used as a Veterans Homeless Shelter; dining areas; program details; funding; grants; VA; transitional housing; rehabilitation; employment training and support; Manchester veterans services; discussion- building rehabilitation; men only; job opportunities; transportation using existing Blue Loon bus services; discussion- local available employment; healthcare needs, grant funding sources;

23:46 Solomon reiterates the responsibility citizens hold when transitioning veterans back home; Federal fund availability; green mountain rifle barrel as an example of area employment; discussion- details of organizational structure; time frame;

30:09 Robert Peermont, retired submarine service, gives testimony in support of the veterans transitional services; Portsmouth shipyard; Wounded Warriors; Discussion- why Carroll County?; legally of male only facilities; Motion made, Mard McConkey; wings being used for Veterans Shelter; Discussion- details of motion; Lavender 2nds; Discussion- of details of motion; cost impact to county; amendment to motion- adding timeline for plan;

40:06 Gene Chandler explains why he will be voting against motion; questions location; federal funding; liability; Kenney- how many veterans will use the facility; Solomon reports on the numbers of homeless veterans; difficulty in getting actual numbers of homeless veterans; definition of homeless; couch surfing; in the streets; living out of automobiles;

46:28 Lawrence Ayers, American Legion; reports on other program funding sources; job training; cost per veteran; MVC's storage needs; Melissa Seamans, CCI- clarification of motion; veterans shelter only;

51:03 Mark McConkey reads motion to be put to a vote by the Delegation; Discussion- lease costs?; Roll Call vote taken; motion passes 7 to 6 to make 2 wings a veterans homeless shelter; attendees thanks the delegation.

55:37 Performance Audit report and discussion; Glenn Cordelli gives report; Motion made to go forward with the performance review subcommittee recommendations; vote to approve the RFP to begin the performance audit; funding for performance audit; which budget is this from; encumbering $20,000; discussion- changes to document; County mission statement;

1:06:13 Karel Crawford, gives report; fee for service Sheriff's Dispatch services subcommittee; Delegation Subcommittee Sheriff department; summary of fee for service system; lack of information; discussion with the Merrimack Sheriff's fee for service system; Town of Ossipee lack of support for a fee for service dispatch; lack of good data to evaluate a fee for service dispatch;

1:13:36 Review of 2nd quarter financials; time needed to complete each quarter; department billings; Delegation reviewing quarterly financials on a timely basis;

1:17:55 Letter from Registrar of Deeds requesting funding for supplies; Delegation questions the procedure; having the delegation allow the Commissioners to expend $2,000 from the equipment line item;

1:21:15 Representative Ticehurst proposes clarifying budget process; making request to commissioners first; attending commissioners budget review; time saving proposal; saving department heads time in submitting budget items; increasing efficiency; adopting budget earlier; commissioners statutory responsibility in creating budgets; separation of powers between Commission and Delegation; Delegation subcommittee involvement; discussion- function and roles of the different levels of County/ State government; elections; Commission comments on the delineation of powers; relying on subcommittee involvement; Odd year elections; Babson comments about delegation subcommittee involvement; Cordelli- I.T. Committee involvement; Sorensen- announces a possible stand alone I.T. department; discussion- I.T. Committee;

1:36:25 Discussion- next meeting dates, concern of meeting in November; 4 quarter spending; emergency equipment upgrades; console upgrades; mobile communications; IMC reporting systems;

1:46:43 Delegation goes into convention; Chandler voices concerns he has regarding the Old Nursing Home wings being used as a Veterans shelter; Delegation votes in Convention on items within this meeting; Minutes, Nursing home annex wings as Veterans shelter; Roll Call Vote;