Government Oversite

Welcome to the Carroll Count Delegation meeting from 12/19/14. Public posting: The Carroll County Delegation will meet in Executive Committee on Friday, December 19, 2014 at 9:00 a.m., The purpose of this meeting is to discuss and take action on the issue of the County paying legal fees for the Commissioners on the 91 A case currently before the Superior Court. The meeting will take place in the Carroll County Administration Building, Delegation Room, at 95 Water Village Road, Route 171, Ossipee, New Hampshire. The Delegation also will consider and act upon any other business that may properly be brought before the meeting or any adjournment thereof. All citizens are invited to attend and ask questions. If you need any specific accommodations, please contact us at the Carroll County Business Office, 539-7751. (ADA) The meeting of the Executive Committee will be followed by a meeting of the County Convention to vote on any recommendation or other business.

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