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Carroll County Delegation will meet Monday, September 17, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. at 95 Water Village Road, County Administration Building, 2nd Floor Meeting Room, Ossipee, New Hampshire to hold a public hearing on a supplemental appropriation in the amount of $382,852. The purpose of the supplemental appropriation is:

$18,000 Market adjustment salary increase for non-union nursing staff

$10,400 Administrative Assistant for County Administrator

$80,000 Funding for the ratified collective bargaining agreement with the

              Mountain View Community staff

$65,000 Funding for the ratified collective bargaining agreement with the Carroll County

              Sheriff’s Department deputies and dispatch

$10,000 To fund a feasibility study for affordable assisted living for county elders

$199,452 The return of excess ProShare revenue to State of NH to benefit Carroll County and

               its residents the Integrated Delivery Network

Following the public hearing, Carroll County Delegation will act on the approval of the supplemental appropriation. The Delegation will also consider and act on other agenda items including approval of a performance audit contract, review of 2nd Quarter 2018 financials, consideration of Siemens county campus energy contract, and any other business brought before the meeting.

                                                                               Ed Butler, Clerk

                                                                               Carroll County Delegation

Delegation members: Glenn Cordelli, Ed Comeau, Edie DesMarais, Bill Nelson, Karen Umberger, Mark McConkey, Ed Butler, Gene Chandler, Steve Schmitt, Jerry Knirk, Karel Crawford,

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