Government Oversite

Welcome to the 5/12/14 Rochester NH 912 group meeting. The meeting took place at the Salmon Falls Church of East Rochester and it began at 6:30 pm. We begin with the introductions and personal Stories of the individuals that went to the Cliven Bundy Family Ranch in Nevada to protect them from the Federal Bureau of Land Management. Also William Baer, a father who's daughter attends Guilford's public school, speaks about his arrest while at a Gilford NH School Board meeting for speaking out against a sexually explicit book used in Curriculum.

Two family men, Cliven Bundy and William Baer, with one common problem. The loss of liberty and self determination brought on by dissent. Even though they are a thousand miles from each other each suffer the fate of an over arching government. One centered around land the other around local education, both driven by the Federal Governments involvement in the foundational structure of American life.

All Jump points are Clickable within the meeting notes below.