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A Rally held at the NH State Capitol Saturday, April 13th, echoed chants and calls for the impeachment of 189 legislators. It all stems from a move by many members to enact more restrictive firearm laws and the repeal of House Bill 135, which passed the house and will now move to the Senate where its fate is unclear. HB 135 is known as the "Stand Your Ground Law" it allows a person to defend one self using deadly force if a person reasonably feels their life is in danger.

One of the organizers, Jack Kimbal, submitted an 'Emergency Verified Complaint" accusing the members who voted for the repeal for "beaching their oath." That each have submitted and supported a bill that is contrary to the principles set out in the US and NH Constitutions. Kimball charges that Article 38 of the NH Constitution requires lawmakers to follow the fundamental principles when they formulate laws. He goes on to point to Part 2 Article 5, which states; "Legislators are forbidden from making laws that are repugnant and contrary to the constitution." The crowd filled the capitol square to express their concern that lawmakers are attacking and watering down the 2nd amendment and the right of self protection.

Democrats fired back and called the complaint a "shameful embarrassment" and called it "antics" without merit, because the repeal only returns the self defense law that was in effect from 1997 until 2011. The concern over the old law is that after an incident, the victim can be prosecuted for defending themselves. A legislator shall not create or support laws that are repugnant to the fundamental principles of the State Constitution. One being the right of self protection. The repeal of HB 135 will effect that right.

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