Government Oversite

This is the April 4, (4/10/12) Brookfield Selectmen meeting. Craig Evans, Chair of the Heritage Commission, makes an announcement:

Starting at 2pm, Sunday the 29th of April, Residents are welcome to attend the unveiling of Col. Hackett's grave. The brief ceremony will include reflections on his life and contributions to NH History. This will be followed by a small reception, to be held in the historic Brookfield Town House, sponsored by the Brookfield Heritage Commission and other interest residents.

Local contact: Craig Evans 522-5069 & Marilou Mclean 522-5338

Carpooling from the Town House to the site is recommended. For directions and carpooling information, please contact Craig or Marilou.

Selectmen Bill Nelson makes and announcement that the North Shore Philharmonic Orchestra will be preforming at Saturday April 21st, 7:30pm, Kingswood Arts Center, Wolfeboro.

The board approved the meeting minutes from March 27, 2012

Reports of town Officials: Marilou Maclean Treasure report, Diana Peckam Tax Collector, Administrative assistant-Assessor Clerk- Jessica Robischeau, Agriculture Commission, Cable Commission, Cemetery Trustees, Code Enforcement officer/ Road Agent- Ed Nason, Conservation Commission, Emergency Management/ Forest fire Warden- Brad Williamson, Heritage Commission- Marilou Mclean, Planning Board- Ed Comeau, Old Business, New Business- Marilou Maclean- Property Liability Insurance, Adjournment.