Government Oversite

Welcome to the Brookfield NH Selectmen meeting from 12/11/12. Approval of Previous meeting minutes- 00:41. Treasurer's Report, Marilou MaClean- 02:40. Town bills, sand, $3,4010.00, Road agent, 8,1035.00, 3 tax overpayments+interest, "Computer work" 769.00, quarterly bill for Central NH VNA 507.00, Avatar (tax collector) software question, Bill Nelson- 05:30. Annual hosting fee for town website- 06:48. Fair-point vs. Town of Brookfield- 07:35. Mitchell Group- $346.10, Mitchell Group $69.35, Avatar NE- $1,370.00, Avatar NE- $2,468.38, American Security Alarm- $360.00, Governor Wentworth School District- $66,955.00, Thirsty Water Systems- $55.00, Drinking water test- 12:44, Verizon Wireless-14:44, Public question, Dick Peckham, overall budget numbers- 025:35, Planning Board Budget- 27:45. Tax Collector, Diane Peckham, 3 abatements, Administrative assistant, Jessica Robisheau- 36:38, Code enforcement, Ed Nason- 37:55, School Tax rates explained- 58:51, Heritage Commission, Marilou Maclean- 1:00:38, Public Question, Dick Peckham, public funds, Churchill School House project- 1:02:10. Planning Board report- 1:04:19. Welfare Policy- 1:08:05. Town Hall use regulations- 1:10:13, Old Townhouse roof issue- 1:18:17. Letter from Scholarship Recognition Award, aluminum can collection- 1:22:55. Richard Zacher, reducing selectmen salaries- 1:24:17. Public Question, Dick Peckham, 1:31:51. (open recess discussions- 1:35:53 - 1:49:07) Diane Peckham, town employee policies, 1:58:21. Mail- 2:22:44, Non Public- 91a,