Government Oversite

Welcome to the Brookfield NH Selectmen meeting. 00:17- Announcement of DOT public hearing; reference bridge replacement and resurfacing. 03:03- Review of previous meeting minutes. 03:51- Administrative assistant, Jessica Robisheau; PS&H request to visit Brookfield. 05:23- Ed Nason Code enforcement officer. 06:41- Heritage Commission, Marilou Maclean; report on Churchill School house survey form, which asked what the townspeople would like to do with the school house. 13:16- Planning Board; Ed Comeau reports on the public hearing regarding the new zoning warrant article submitted by Chuck Robbins. 15:23- Joint loss management; Richard Zacher; State rules about the definition of employee. 28:26- Semi quarterly joint loss management; fire extinguishers and other safety items. 29:50- Rose Zacher; website activity update. 34:37- Old business; Nate Fogg perambulation action plan, job not completed. 40:00- Town report update. 42:01- CEO new fee structure status, setting a hearing; 45:16- Public safety budget; shared services cost that have risen. 46:38- Update on Brookfield neighborhood crime watch signs. 48:34- Personell handbook update. 49:48- New Business; setting up municipal budget hearing/ selectmen warrant article. 1:03:10- Finalizing budget. 1:06:34- Public internal communications; Richard Zacher; emails 1:07:50- Town Breakfast clean up day, town meeting day.