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Welcome to the Brookfield NH Selectmen meeting from 1/22/13. The Brookfield Selectmen meetings take place at 267 Wentworth Rd.

00:42 Catalina Celentano; Public Service New Hampshire: review of services supplied; storm restoration; storm alert emails;

07:35 Approval of previous minutes.

10:00 Treasurer's report; Marilou Maclean;

19:24 Pam Fraizer, Brookfield resident, requests that there be a Police presence in every public meeting, because armed citizens are attending meetings. She is joined with Chief Fifield.

41:33 Tax collector, Diane Peckham; tax collector audited; Billing pre-stamped envelopes; unpaid taxes;

56:54 Town Clerk, Virginia McGinley; Town reports; ballot;

1:10:54 Emergency management director;

1:11:51 Heritage Commission; Saint Patricks Day breakfast.

1:12:30 Joint Loss Management quarterly;

1:15:34 Planning Board Activity Report, Geary Ciccarone

1:17:43 Scholastic Fund Committee, Richard Zacher explains.

1:26:20 Old Business; Nate Fogg, perambulation; How capital reserve funds are handled:

1:36:32 New Business; Raise for Welfare director;

1:36:17 Stipend reporting within the budget; Select Board Agenda process.

2:04:31 Should Dentures have identification Numbers.

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