Government Oversite

Welcome to the Brookfield NH Selectmen meeting from 4/23/13. The Selectmen met at the Town Offices, 267 Wentworth Rd and began at 6:30 pm.

00:21 Correspondence/ mail review; porter office machines; Lexus Nexus (RSA books); staples; letter- Gary Roeberg, Avatar assessing agreement contract- utility defense; (taxing of utility pole lawsuit);

5:02 Approval of previous meeting minutes;

7:28 Marilou Maclean, Town Treasurer report; discussion of completing a yearly budget comparison; account balances; municipal bond bank letter; discussion of Avatar billing; workers compensation insurance charges for independent contractors; propane; oil bill;

17:57 Tax collector, Dianna Peckham, tax liens; delaying the deeding of properties- map 18 Lot 4d- 4c; Map 25 lot 2; discussion of what officials are indemnified (insurance);

23:39 Jessica Robisheau, administrative assistant- abatement recommendations; receiving phone calls at home; issuing transfer stickers;

36:35 Planning board liaison report, Rick Zacher- Moose Mountain Recreation Lodge disc golf course; appointment of Dick Peckham as planning board alternate;

37:09 Ed Nason- Code Enforcement Officer; building permits; intent to cut; Road Agent report- neighborhood watch signs; spring grading process; warrant roadwork bids; Upper Moose Mountain Rd; discussion of Tumble Down Dick Rd surface; Brice Dr- centerline right of way measurements; discussion of roof replacement debris disposal; discussion of storage of debris removed from town roads;

45:23 Discussion of forestry truck; maintenance; repair costs;

46:06 Heritage Commission, Marilou Maclean- Churchill School survy results; May 8th meeting discussing the Town House and Churchill school house;

51:14 Appointment of Ernie Brown appointment to ZBA; report on town perambulation;

53:43 Report from the Welfare assistance lein process procedure; in house process of tracking of liens- "proposed general assistance interdepartmental loan lein process";

1:08:20 Discussion of alarm procedure and performance; who has been trained; sensor cleaning;

1:15:54 Discussion about Town Breakfast and town cleanup April 27;

1:18:30 Addition of link on town website to for viewing of town meetings;

1:23:02 Discussion of Lexus Nexus (RSA books);

1:25:08 New Business- office keys; scholarship training- scholarship award; Scholarship fund; presenting the check to awardee;

1:29:27 Local policy documentation; policy review; discusion of posting notices;

1:35:26 General Liability property review; discussion of assets to be insured;

1:46:24 Public comment; Dianna Peckham- signature for deeding;

1:52:04 Motion to go into non public; discussion of the menu for the Town Breakfast;