Government Oversite

Welcome to the Brookfield NH Selectmen meeting from 5/14/13. The Selectmen met at the Town Offices, 267 Wentworth Rd and the meeting began at 6:30 pm.

00:04 Meeting begins with a moment of silence for Chris Pinkham; discussion of his involvement within the town.

02:27 Avatar bill for inspections and consultations; hourly rate;

05:24 Letter involving easements, Avatar; easement taxes; Fair point Communications.

10:10 Review and approval of previous meeting minutes; April 16, 2013; April 23, 2013; April 27, 2013; April 29, 2013;

22:47 Public comments: Ron Fountain- results of emergency management meeting?; reverse 911?; Sanbornville warning sirens;

25:47 Ernie Brown- report on Rails to Trails Action Committee Grant; age of rails; historical value;

31:17 Treasurer Marilou Maclean gives the financial report; paychecks; property and liability renewal; LGC webinar- top ten NH labor law violations; revisiting joint loss management committee meeting; filing bi annual reports required by the State; amount of funds in checking/ savings account; application to NH bond bank; PNSH; Ed Nason paycheck;

39:00 Administrative assistant, Jessica Robisheau reports- abatements; tax refund on a collection; selectmen schedules;

44:40 Planning Board, Ed Comeau gives report from May 13, 2013; letter of appreciation to Ed Nason; School house/ Town Hall restoration, repair, demolition; CIP; Planning board input; developing a questionnaire to inform the taxpayers about the project; discussion of the process of using a questionnaire to get a good response; counting the questionnaires;

56:00 Ed Nason, code enforcement- report of wood cuts; residents temporary signage selling beans; discussion about signage rules; road report- spring grading; paving; a letter of complaint from a driver using Tibbets hill;

1:01:16 Marilou Maclean, Heritage Commission, gives report; Old Home Day events; genealogy classes; conservation commission hike; Old Home Day Dinner;

1:02:43 Ernie Brown, Governor Wentworth School District representative gives reports- school board organization; Group leader (Chair) assignments; rules and regulations for house numbers; perambulation report;

1:06:00 Agricultural Committee Chair Ed Nason gives report; farmers market for Old Home Day; announcements;

1:11:27 Board goes into non public-