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Welcome to the Brookfield New Hampshire Selectmen meeting from 5/28/13. The Selectmen met at the Town Offices, 267 Wentworth Rd and began at 6:30 pm.

00:46 Correspondence- Department of Revenue errors in Brookfield tax filing; minor corrections; DRA wants to review the budget Warrant;

01:36 Review of previous meeting minutes; May 23, 2013; May 5, 2013; May 14, 2013;

07:40 Statement read into the record from Jim Bennet and Donald McWhirter- (background taken from previous meeting minutes: Mr. McWhirter spoke with the Selectmen with regards to two pieces of land which are due to be deeded by the Town for non payment of taxes. The tax bill includes a Land Use Change tax which was charged, with interest and penalties, per the State RSA 79A: 7. The Selectmen explained why the land was taken out of current use per the recommendation from Avitar. If there is a question by the property owner, the issue needs to be disputed through an abatement process. According to the Town records, no abatement was submitted. Therefore per the RSA, the property owner loses their rights to the property if tax is not paid. The second point Mr. McWhirter made was that the calculations for the acreage removed appeared to be 50% of the Land Use Change tax was charged when only 25% of the tax should have been charged. He stated the agreement with the prior Select Board when the subdivision was created was that the Land Use Change tax would be charged when the lot was sold. Selectmen Zacher pointed out that the RSA requires the tax be paid and then the abatement process followed, preserving the owner’s right to challenge the tax bill of the two lots. After discussion, the Selectmen decided to postpone the deeding of the properties for one month, until the research on the property has been completed. At that time, a decision will be made. A deed waiver form will be created by Selectmen Zacher and signed by all three Selectmen to waive the deeding for 1 month. The waiver will be addressed to the Tax Collector.) Discussion and deliberation of issue proceeds;

39:00 Re- reading of the motion to move forward of the deeding of property map 18 4b and 4c; selectmen vote to 2 yay- Zacher; Nelson; and 1 Nay- Robisheau.

44:12 Marilou Maclean, Treasurer; added 2012 numbers to 2013 April budget; tax bills; account summary; lean redemption; lean interests explanation of terms and process;

54:40 Dianna Peckham, Tax Collector gives report; tax bills have been mailed; Administrative assistant, Jessica Robisheau- returning money from bond; deadlines for abatements; Fairpoint Communications Bill; Tax refunds; Telephone pole taxes; reclaimed asphalt for Moose Mountain Rd extension;

1:10:42 Ed Nason, road agent, Bids for road resurfacing; discussion of conditions on Tibbets Hill Rd.

1:13:20 Selectmen Nelson gives report regarding Emergency Management; grant for radio equipment;

1:13:36 Heritage Commission report; preparations for Old Home Day; preparations for Churchill School House town meeting; discussion of cost spreadsheet for school house prepared by Geary Ciccarone of the planning board chair.

1:15:07 Report of the resignation of deputy town clerk; discussion of posting;

1:16:00 Joint Loss Management- Selectmen Zacher gives report; fireman's lock box location; fire extinguishers; Trustees of the Trust fund- capital draws?;

1:22:20 Private road signage on Governor Wentworth highway; removal of sign;

1:23:40 Old Business; Discussion of insurance claim regarding a burst water pipe in the Town house; web postings for meeting announcements; reduction of tax accessor hours for summer; Public comments- announcement of Chris Pinkham's passing; mowing of grass in front of town offices; business cards; dump stickers; Brookfield report from Police department; online registration on vehicles in Wakefield;

1:38:17 Adding a link to; cemetery maintenance- accessing on private property;