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Welcome to the Brookfield New Hampshire Selectmen meeting from 6/25/13. The Selectmen met at the Town Offices, 267 Wentworth Rd and began at 6:30 pm

00:49 Correspondence; 1998 ice storm information compiled by Brookfield resident Ron Fountain; Strafford Regional Planning Commission;

03:00 Review of previous meeting minutes;

03:11 Town Reports; treasurer; bills; budget v. actual month of May; current account balances; checking v. savings; liability insurance for town farmers market; certificates of insurance; general liability insurance; Criminal background checks for deputy town clerk; Jennifer Magowan;

07:57 scholarship funding process; Governor Wentworth school payment; why are payments different from month to month; town clerk conference reimbursements;

11:15 Administrative assistant Jessica Robisheau- new deed; Jenkins property; title search; corrected deed; Wiggins cemetery; Wiggins letter; Jim Wittenmores bed; no taxes for cemetery and right of way; Avatar letter about cemetery taxes; back acres;

17:23 taxing cemeteries in Brookfield NH; separately deeded cemetery; abating cemetery taxes;

27:21 Code enforcement; Ed Nason; survey of Cedar Park; Land Tech proposed bid; Tumbledown Dick Road Paving; gravel road grading; building permits; occupancy permit Lyford Rd; 21 loads of gravel; Brice Drive survey map; Dick Peckham; locations of steel rods; drainage; change of right of ways;

33:10 conservation commission; heritage commission report; Marilou Maclean; Churchill School House; genealogy classes; draft survey questionnaire; Old Home Day hike;

37:05 Governor Wentworth School report; Ernie Brown; carpeting; boiler; energy reduction plans; carpenter school; roof repairs; oil burner replacements; digitizing of heating controls; remote monitoring; school security; media center carpeting replacement; Dick Peckham; Common Core Curriculum; curriculum funding; federal funding; Nellie Mae Foundation; grant funding;

43:00 Brookfield zoning Board; Paul Trembly Chairman; generating current use tax rates; deeding of property; preparing new deed;

45:50 insurance claim; pipe burst; Churchill School house; Old Town House; minute revisions; 91a right to know; pre buy heating fuel; propane; gallons used;

49:30 funding accounts set aside to ; scholarship fund; trustees of the trust fund;

51:45 public comment; town deputy clerk position; internet access at town offices; link on town website; stolen iron gate from cemetery; 501 (c) 3 Old Town House; Strafford Regional Planning Commission non dues paying members transportation priority lists; docking priority points; non public meeting- tax abatements;