Government Oversite

Welcome to the Brookfield New Hampshire Selectmen meeting from 8/13/13. The Selectmen met at the Town Offices, 267 Wentworth Rd and began at 6:30 pm.

00:24 Mail and correspondence; insurance claim amount; remediation; cash value of damage; status letter from insurance carrier; Dead River; Granite United Way; energy efficiency;

07:37 Approval of previous minutes; July 16; July 22; July 23; July 26; motion and vote;

10:23 Public comment; school district representation; school board; selectmen reporting;

12:29 General discussions during the opening of received questionnaires; 350 questionnaires were sent out;

21:23 Opening of Churchill School questionnaires; To demolish-16; 80 refurbish; The form was mailed out to the towns people to gather input on what they would do with the Churchill Schoolhouse. The Building is attached to the rear of the Original Townhouse.

23:22 Discussion of course of action regarding the Churchill School house;

39:44 Treasurers report; checks; bank statements; account balances; DOT block grant; Wolfeboro parks and recreation fee; American security alarm; alarm system billing for installation/ reconfiguring; Fair-point legal report/ telephone pole taxing; Workers compensation insurance coverage; private contractors.

54:40 Dianna Peckham- tax collector; discussion of old letter between taxpayer and selectmen;

57:46 Geary Ciccarone- planning board report; road committee; CIP; building committee; discussion of process of CIP; discussion of committee responsibility; discussion of purpose of CIP; CIP working document; road book; road repair log; Code enforcement; road agent- report; paving contract; Geary Ciccarone makes comment on road formula;

1:16:25 Emergency management report- Brad Williamson; Forest Fire Warden report- Brad Williamson; Hazard mitigation plan; 3 plans;

1:17:30 Heritage commission report; old home day report; recognition to old home day celebration; event report; TRAC; WEDCO;

1:19:40 Cemetary trustees report; process of Cemetary plots; Jim Wiggins; tax bills; estate probate; registry of probate; Cemetary public access; right of ways;

1:25:07 Brad Williamson- road committee appointments; updating listings of Committee members on Website;

1:26:33 Flagpole electric; consideration of adding lighting fixture to utility pole; flat fee; discussion of replacing existing light fixture;

1:32:17 Old business; town owned property that has equipment on it; location of Drew Farm; road maintenance; inventory of equipment left on town property;

1:35:00 Town offices outside maintenance; trim painting; siding; inside painting; estimates for electrical lighting fixture.

1:36:55 Public comment- Ed Comeau; historic record of questionnaire; update on WiFi availability in Town Offices; discussion of WiFi; RSA accessibility on internet; public access point; broadband mapping; Time Warner service maps; DSL; Fairpoint; Verizon; discussion of Brookfield broadband with previous cable committee chairman- Frank Fraiser;

1:51:08 Ed Comeau- legality of docking points from projects submitted by non paying member towns; SRPC- Strafford Regional Planning Commission; CMAQ- Congestion Mitigation Air Quality funding; discussion of Carroll County Commissioners; Delegation attendance; discussion of keeper of the bell and flag; "town ding a ling"